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Heads Up – News – Updates 5.1.2019

Calls to Action update in Nebraska. Vermont bans online vape sales. FDA approves reduced risk tobacco device but doesn’t allow company to advertise as such. Save m oney by quitting smoking, but if you cannot or will not quit, save (and reduce health risks) by switching to vaping!

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IN THE NEWS: FDA approves sale of safer “heat-not-burn” product, acknowledging it as less toxic and “appropriate for the protection of the public health” but holds back MRTP approval (which would let company actually TELL consumers it’s less toxic.)This landmark decision likely to have a direct impact on approval of other safer alternatives.FDA clears Philip Morris’ iQOS, Altria plans to start selling heated tobacco device in the US this summer

VERMONT: (UPDATE) State senate making access to safer alternatives to smoking much more difficult for adults who smoke living in rural areas and towns without stores that sell the products. Tobacco/Vapor 21 and a 92% tax are also on the table.

Vermont lawmakers ban online sale of e-cigarettes, to reduce teen access

NEBRASKA: (UPDATE) Advocates successfully convinced lawmakers to reject the proposed indoor vaping ban and Tobacco and Vapor 21, changing the age to 19 to (hopefully) prevent 18-year-old high school students from buying for younger classmates.

Nebraska lawmakers move to raise legal age to 19 for smoking and vaping

ADVOCACY: And if you cannot or will not quit, vapor products will not only reduce your risks to very nearly non-smoking levels, they will also save you money. That is, of course, if governments STOP adding sin taxes to very low risk products that are actually helping people avoid smoking.