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Heads Up – News – Updates 5.2.2019

Call to Action in Colorado. Dr. Carl Phillips on the problem with vape surveys. Connecticut is going anti-vape crazy. Florida Tobacco/Vapor 21 law stalls. ANTZ getting busy in Idaho. Third-hand smoke/vapor scaremongering makes a comeback.

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COLORADO: (CALL TO ACTION!) Lawmakers relying on public ignorance of low risk alternatives to pass wildly ignorant 62% sin tax on vapor products. Anything that reduces youth “experimenting” will also reduce use by those who need it most: adults who smoke!CO – Stop a Vapor Tax (to be decided by ballot initiative)!

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Survey studies attempting to show that adult smoke-free consumers don’t want or need non-tobacco flavors are hopelessly flawed.

Most adults who smoke will TRY vaping to 1) reduce health risks, 2) reduce costs, 3) use indoors and 4) wean off nicotine completely. Ask what about vaping most helped AVOID RELAPSE (going back to smoking) and flavors will be a primary factor, along with the ability to customize devices and vary nicotine strength.

“Reason(s) you vape” questions on surveys are generally stupid

FLORIDA: (UPDATE) House reportedly WON’T pass law denying young adult smokers access to safer alternatives. Important to remember such laws also mislead public to believe vaping/smoking are same, which leads to agreement with other restrictions/taxes.

‘T21’ proposal goes up in smoke

CONNECTICUT: (HEADS UP!) HB7200, which would deny some adults who smoke access to low risk products and mislead public to believe vaping/smoking have same risks, has now passed Finance Committee.

Rep. Frey, Finance Committee Vote to Raise Tobacco Use to Age to 21

CONNECTICUT: (HEADS UP #2!) Finance committee amendment reportedly lowers governor’s 75% wholesale vapor tax in budget, but still a whopping 50% tax. Products that significantly decrease risk should be made MORE AFFORDABLE, not MORE EXPENSIVE!

Democrats: tax on digital downloads; higher taxes on alcohol

THE MORE YOU KNOW: ANTZ step up chemophobia efforts w/ scary-sounding “third-hand smoke & vapor.” Mentions nicotine reaction with a “common environmental chemical” that turns out to be nitrous acid from dangerously unvented gas appliances, which is far more worrisome than trace nitrosamines! That’s a 100% fail on “the dose makes the poison” test!

SDSU Opens First-of-Its-Kind Thirdhand Smoke Resource Center

IDAHO: (HEADS UP!) Be prepared to fight a slew of anti-vaping laws and cost increases via sin taxes if ANTZ successfully convince lawmakers that vaping is the same as smoking and young adults who smoke should be denied access to vape products.

As student vaping rises, some in Idaho push to raise tobacco age limit to 21

BROOMFIELD, COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) City considering treating vaping like smoking, licenses for retailers to sell tobacco/vape products, raising the minimum sale age to 21, implementing price policies or restricting certain flavors.

Broomfield officials study teen vaping, discuss regulations – Broomfield Enterprise