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Heads Up – News – Updates 5.16.2019

Call to Action update in Rhode Island. Lafayette, CA bans flavors. Congresswomen wants Amtrak no-vaping policy to be federal law. Who or what really caused the rise in teen vaping? Dr. Rodu breaks down the youth “epidemic.”

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RHODE ISLAND: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE) State looking to squeeze vapers’ tax dollars to help fill a $200 million budget hole with a 40% tax. Increasing cost of harm reduction products only forces people back into harm’s way. TAKE ACTION!RI – Stop the Governor’s Vapor Tax!

UTAH: (HEADS UP!) With high school smoking in state at less than half the national average, gov’t is “studying” youth vaping. This will likely lead to more bans & higher taxes unless adult vaping constituents contact them and tell their story en masse.

Utah legislative leaders want to snuff growing youth e-cigarette use

IN THE NEWS: Congresswoman says she’ll be “saving lives” by turning Amtrak no-vaping policy into federal law, to prevent company from ever choosing to allow #vaping, even i̵f̵ when it’s finally proven to not be a significant health risk to bystanders.

Norton Introduces Bill to Ban E-Cigarette Smoking on Amtrak

THE MORE YOU KNOW: High school vaping actually declined dramatically after a certain pod device hit the market in 2015. After the 2016 Surgeon General warning, ANTZ started putting out campaigns on TV and social media about teen-friendly flavors & concealable devices and then…

LAFAYETTE, CALIFORNIA: (UPDATE) Yet another city in CA puts adult vapers and future vapers at risk of relapse by banning flavored products and limiting them to use tobacco flavors. City also called for neighboring cities to follow suit.

Lafayette to ban flavored tobacco products

EXPERT ANALYSIS: CASAA advisor and tobacco harm reduction expert, Dr. Brad Rodu, breaks down numbers for the youth vaping “epidemic.”