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Heads Up – News – Updates 5.20.2019

Flavor bans, indoor/outdoor use restrictions, Tobacco/Vapor 21 laws in Connecticut, California, Washington and Vermont. Wisconsin city makes it easier for adults 18-20 to get cigarettes than vaping products, Aspen bans flavors for adults over 21. Poll asks if you think Tobacco 21 law will work.

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CONNECTICUT: (UPDATE) House passes Tobacco/Vapor 21 bill, now moving to Senate. Such laws misinform public about relative risks and deny adults 18-20 who smoke access to far safer alternatives, without any evidence it reduces youth vaping or smoking.House passes bill to ban sale of e-cigarettes to youths under 21

JEFFERSON COUNTY, WASHINGTON: BOH claims indoor & OUTDOOR #vaping ban will somehow reduce youth use. Director falsely claims “enough science to suggest aerosol is problematic.” WE have evidence use bans lead to worse laws/taxes. PUBLIC HEARING next month!

HERMOSA BEACH, CALIFORNIA: (UPDATE) Although sales already restricted to over-21 stores, city completely bans the flavored #vaping and smoke-free products that help adults quit smoking. #1 cigarette used by minors (Marlboro) still available everywhere.

Calling nicotine addiction an ‘epidemic,’ Hermosa Beach bans sale of flavored tobacco – Daily Breeze

VERMONT: (UPDATE) Sad day for tobacco harm reduction in state. Governor signs bills denying adults 18-20 access to safer alternatives to smoking and makes it harder for rural adults to get products by banning online sales. A 92% tax is also on his desk.

Scott Signs Bill Hiking Legal Smoking Age to 21

ASPEN, COLORADO: (UPDATE) City amends flavored tobacco ban to APPLY ONLY TO #VAPING PRODUCTS. Essentially targeting only adult access to flavored, less harmful products, because already illegal to sell under 21. Regular cigarettes still sold everywhere.

Aspen’s electeds reconsider full flavored nicotine ban

POLL: 75% think raising age of purchase to 21 will curb “tobacco” use among young people. NOTE: Hawaii passed T21 (incl. vapor products) in 2016, now has 3rd highest youth vaping rate in country. Poll is still open!

Should purchase age for tobacco products be boosted to 21?

APPLETON, WISCONSIN: (UPDATE) Good news is city exempts existing vape shops from indoor ban. Bad news is only for 21+, making it easier for adults 18-20 to get combustible cigarettes than much safer vaping products & essentially blocking any new shops.

Appleton vape shop owners will face age restrictions in city’s workplace vaping ban