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Heads Up – News – Updates 5.21.2019

Call to Action in Massachusetts. Flavor bans, indoor/outdoor use restrictions, Tobacco/Vapor 21 laws in Texas, San Rafael, California and Atlanta, Georgia. Nicorette unintentionally makes a case for adult smokers liking flavors.

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MASSACHUSETTS: (CALL TO ACTION!) Debate in the senate over the state’s budget is underway and an amendment that would BAN flavored smoke-free products like vapor products and snus is on the table. Take Action – Send a Message!MA – Stop a flavor ban being proposed in the state’s budget!

TEXAS: (UPDATE) All that’s left to deny adults 18-20 who smoke access to much safer products is governor’s signature. And when that doesn’t work, the ANTZ will inevitably move on to sin taxes, flavors bans, online bans, public bans & finally, total bans.

Texas could soon raise legal age for buying tobacco, e-cigs to 21, if Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill | Texas Politics | Dallas News

IN THE NEWS: “Obviously the better a product tastes as it relates to flavor and experience, hopefully the easier it is for people to stick to their quit journey,” says Nicorette spokesman about their tasty new lozenge. (Note: It’s NOT “tobacco” flavor.)

Nicorette introduces new nicotine lozenges in bid to woo customers away from vaping

SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA: (UPDATE) Despite strong opposition, city bans flavored vapor/smoke-free products, but in an unusual twist, delays enacting for 18 months to see what state and feds will do. Of course, more popular cigarettes still sold everywhere.

San Rafael latest Bay Area city to ban the sale of flavored tobacco

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: (HEADS UP!) City mulls banning vaping where smoking banned. Seems reasonable until they start including outdoors, sidewalks, cars, private homes and vape shops. Remember: public bans are ALWAYS just a foot in the door to more laws/taxes.

Atlanta weighs crack down on e-cigarettes as part of smoking ban