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Heads Up – News – Updates 6.03.2019

Calls to Action in Connecticut, Louisiana and Nevada.   Lawmakers misleading public to think vaping is same risk as smoking and denying adults 18-20 who smoke access to safer products with indoor/outdoor public use bans and Tobacco/Vapor 21 laws. ALA vice president wants to stop smokers from switching to safer alternatives. Royal College of Midwives (UK) support vaping. Researchers in Bulgaria find doctors missing signs of withdrawal in ICU patients.

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NEW BRIGHTON, MN: (HEADS UP!) City considers treating low risk smoke-free products the same as cigarettes, denying adults 18-20 who smoke access to harm reduction, misleading public as to risks AND banning or restricting flavors that help prevent relapse!

New Brighton considers raising tobacco age

ILLINOIS: (HEADS UP!) ALA vice president supports 15% vape & 64% smoke-free tax to “maintain parity so smokers would not turn to other goods containing nicotine,” regardless of the fact that those “other goods” SIGNIFICANTLY reduce smokers’ health risks.

Dollar-a-pack tax increase on cigarettes advances to Senate | Northwest Herald

LOUISIANA: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATED!) Sneaky lawmakers adding Tobacco/Vapor 21 to another bill (HB 45) at last minute TODAY, after it was defeated as HB 38. Use CASAA’s advocacy form to TAKE ACTION NOW!

CONNECTICUT: (CALL TO ACTION!) Fight back against vapor taxes – expected to be voted on in the House as early as today! 40c/mL on e-liquid in “cartridges” and a 10% wholesale tax on open system products (includes devices and other hardware). TAKE ACTION!

CT – Fight back against Vapor Taxes!

NEVADA: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATED!) SB 263, which would impose a 30% wholesale tax on vapor products, has passed the legislature and is being sent to Governor Sisolak for his signature. Take action NOW and urge Governor Sisolak to VETO SB 263!

NV – Stop a tax on vaping!

IN THE NEWS: (GASTON COUNTY, NC) Another indoor ban extended OUTDOORS, including no vaping or smoke-free snus INSIDE YOUR CAR in parking lot. Claim low risk products “as dangerous as traditional cigarettes” and even snus “infringes” non-smokers’ rights.

Our view: County tobacco ban a great decision

MINNESOTA: (UPDATE) Governor signed into law budget that incl. treating vapor products the same as smoking indoors, deceiving public to believe they have same risks. If history repeats, expect OUTDOOR, multi-unit housing, car and flavor bans to follow.

E-cigarettes added to clean indoor air law, banning them from indoor spaces

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Queen Giovanna University Hospital, Bulgaria researchers report caffeine & nicotine withdrawal symptoms overlooked by doctors in ICU patients; patches/gums don’t appear to help; surprisingly, author calls caffeine “highly addictive.”

Worsening symptoms in patients may just be a sign of caffeine or nicotine withdrawal, doctors warn – Brinkwire

IN THE NEWS: (UK) Royal College of Midwives policy statement advises that pregnant women who choose to remain smoke-free by vaping should be supported to do so, should be recorded as non-smokers & vaping not shown to have adverse effect on breastfeeding.