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Heads Up – News – Updates 5.31.2019

Wisconsin law would treat vaping the same as smoking, lawmakers in Massachusetts and Connecticut pushing ineffective Tobacco/Vapor 21 laws, Dr. Farsalinos analyzes new study claiming flavorings harm heart cells, Massachusetts doesn’t stop at public use bans and Tobacco 21.  

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WISCONSIN: (HEADS UP!) SB 45 seeks to unnecessarily redefine vaping as smoking, misleading public to think they’re equal risk, and deny businesses right to allow vaping in their own establishment. Businesses already have legal right to prohibit vaping.

MASSACHUSETTS: (HEADS UP!) Unsurprisingly, after passing both a public use ban & Tobacco/Vapor 21, lawmakers push a flavor ban & sin taxes. It’s not about public health or youth. “Compromise” is just letting vaping get banned one small step at a time.

Health activists press ban on flavored tobacco, vaping products

HOPKINTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE: (HEADS UP!) City considering Tobacco/Vapor 21 law, in spite of fact it is not evidenced-based & has failed to lower youth vaping in places like Hawaii. Just makes it harder for adults 18-20 who smoke to get safer products!

Hopkinton superintendent pushes effort to raise tobacco use age to 21

CONNECTICUT: (HEADS UP!) HB 7200, yet another ineffective, “feel good, bipartisan” Tobacco/Vapor 21 law that will deny adults 18-20 who smoke access to safer products. And, as we’ve seen over and over, just another step towards banning vaping completely.

Democrats, Republicans to come together in push to raise tobacco buying age

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Dr. Farsalinos @FarsalinosK researcher at Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, Athens, analyzes study making headlines claiming flavors in vapor products are toxic heart cells. (As one point, IF they are, so is any cinnamon-flavored food.)

Do the properties of cinnamon change when it is present in e-cigarette liquids? The pro-inflammatory/oxidative and anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant properties of cinnamaldehyde