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Heads Up – News – Updates 5.30.2019

Call to Action to fight a vaping use ban in Illinois. Santa Cruz County, California is trying to ban flavors in low risk, smoke-free products. Massachusetts AG is suing a vape company. More evidence that supporting indoor vapor bans leads to worse laws. CASAA CEO Alex Clark gets quoted in the press about smoke-free tobacco as harm reduction.  

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ILLINOIS: (CALL TO ACTION!) As we reported earlier, SB 1864 would treat smoke-free vaping like smoking in indoor and outdoor public places, somehow justifies limiting adult use to reduce youth vaping. A classic ANTZ first step to more regulation and taxes!

Bill would ban e-cigs in public indoor places

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: (HEADS UP!) Following city of Santa Cruz, county officials could adopt an BAN on low risk vapor and smoke-free FLAVORS on JUNE 11th. Surveys have shown adults who once smoked rely on non-tobacco flavors to avoid relapse.

Santa Cruz County to ban flavored tobacco, e-cigarettes – Santa Cruz Sentinel

IN THE NEWS: Still agree with including vaping in smoking bans? Eventually this becomes no vaping in OUTDOOR parks, on beaches, sidewalks, café patios & at bus stops; then they ban in/outside multi-unit housing and cars. It’s ALWAYS a first step to more.

California bill to outlaw smoking at beaches, parks advances

HARM REDUCTION ADVOCACY: “Smokeless tobacco (ST) is sort of the original harm reduction product for smoking…health risks for ST use are minimal & ST was conspicuously absent from ACS’s June list of 17 risk factors for cancer.”
– CASAA CEO Alex Clark

For the TRUTH about smoke-free tobacco, see:

IN THE NEWS: (MASSACHUSETTS) State Attorney General Maura Healey has filed a lawsuit against a national vapor product company, alleging failure to verify ID online, and using social media, memes and cartoons to market to youth.

Healey: E-Cig Company Used “Memes and Cartoons” to Sell Vapes to Kids