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Heads Up Alert: Wisconsin, Montana, California, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Heads up alert! Calls to Action in Michigan and Montana. Cities in Wisconsin, California and Montana blindly following ANTZ lies to ban flavored vapor products and public use. Nonsensical proposed ban on nicotine that’s not in the form of cigarettes in Australia. Check out CASAA state web pages and state groups on Facebook.

BARABOO, WISCONSIN: (HEADS UP!) Tara Noye, South Central Wisconsin Tobacco Free Coalition Coordinator, LIES about vaping. It’s NOT a “misconception, “that vaping is safer than smoking, it’s the TRUTH!

“Noye advocated for treating vaping products and cigarettes equally under the law to prevent a misconception that electronic smoking devices are less harmful than their actual-tobacco equivalent.”


Baraboo moves to ban vaping in public spaces
 Along with a proposed statewide flavor ban, residents of Missoula have their own city lawmakers considering a flavor ban. ANTZ lie, say 20 years of anti-smoking work being “undone” while ignoring record low smoking rates.

Missoula City Council mulling citywide ban on all flavored tobacco
 City bans sale of flavored vapor products–even for ADULTS over 21, prohibits vaping in public spaces without any evidence of harm–and exaggerates risk of trace chemicals–misleading public to believe vaping same as smoking.

Napa City Council bans sale of flavored tobacco, passes more restrictive smoking ordinance
 Bill with UNJUSTIFIED 18% tax increase & vague, confusing flavor rules has passed in Senate; moving to House Committee. Watch for hearing date! Remember that tax “compromises” did NOT prevent BANS in NY, NJ, MA and RI!

MI – Stop a Vapor Tax and Flavor Regulation!
 DPHHS sidestepping legislative process to ban flavored vapor products – forcing ADULTS to use flavor of what they’ve QUIT – based on lies like “non-tobacco flavors weren’t popular until after JUUL arrived in 2015.” #QuitLying

MT – Stop the Health Department Flavor Ban
 Government’s baseless “precautionary” ban will make it far, far more difficult to get nicotine from VERY LOW RISK #vaping than from smoking. Meanwhile, pro-vape UK smoking rates dropped 5.5 percentage points 2011-2018 while AU dropped only 2.3!

Government announces major crackdown to effectively ban nicotine imports
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