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Heads Up Alert for Georgia & Colorado – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

California officials just keep on denying the facts. Heads up alert Colorado and Georgia. Dr. Marewa Glover survey looking for locked down vapers. ALA up to old ANTZ tricks. The problems in scientific publishing. CASAA testimonials.

BAD PUBLIC HEALTH: Despite unequivocal proof that illicit THC vapes NOT legal, flavored nicotine vapes caused the lung injuries, @SDCountyHHSA Dr. Wilma Wooten continues to urge people not to vape nicotine & FLAVOR BAN still starts July 1st. #QuitLying

San Diego County woman dies of vaping-associated lung injury
RESEARCH: Are you in a state/city still on COVID-19 lockdown in the USA? Please help out vaping/tobacco harm reduction advocate and researcher Dr. Marewa Glover (@MarewaGlover) complete her US data by taking her international survey!

Coping in lockdown | Coping in lockdown
OUTRAGEOUS ANTZ TACTICS: Offer “training” to endorse their sponsors’ pharmaceutical products–shown to FAIL for approx. 90% of people MOTIVATED to quit–over vapor products shown to be 2X more effective. Also, quit products are 0% effective for those who aren’t trying to quit!

GEORGIA: (HEADS UP) Public health or budget health? Tobacco/vape tax seems to have little to do with health and more to do with $454 million in revenue. Price increases hit poor & minorities hardest, shown to lead to black markets vs reduced smoking.

74% of Georgians support a tobacco tax increase, poll finds
COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) Proposed bill has outrageous and baseless VAPE TAX of 50% of manufacturer’s list price until July 1, 2024; 56% until July 1, 2027; and 62% after. Only PLUS SIDE is that modified risk tobacco products would get a 50% tax reduction.

Colorado lawmakers consider putting tobacco and vaping tax on ballot
“The plural of anecdote is data.”
~ Ray Wolfinger

Data is evidence. The people are real. The evidence is real.

Millions of vapers have success stories. CASAA has collected nearly 13,000 of them.

Add your story here: About CASAA Testimonial Project – CASAA

UPLAND, CA: City joins several others w/ ALL public smoking/vaping ban–a law that has already led to a scary confrontation between a citizen & police officer in La Mesa, CA. There’s NO science supporting OUTDOOR bans & misleads public about vaping risks!

Smoking, vaping in all public spaces banned in Upland – Daily Bulletin
RESEARCH: Why not to assume “peer-reviewed, published scientific research” is infallible. (And especially true with anti-vaping/anti-THR research.)

“Brown called the article ‘an absolute microcosm of all of the problems in scientific publishing.'”

‘How I got fooled’: The story behind the retraction of a study of gamers