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Officials Add Nicotine to the Drug War, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Anti-tobacco/vaping laws are endangering people. Dr. Paul Sachs of Stamford Health says adult vapers don’t want flavors, so add your testimony. CASAA director Julie Woessner panel discussion video. CASAA coordinating with research.

BAD HEALTH POLICIES: Officials were warned such bans would lead to unnecessary, potentially harmful police interactions for a LEGAL product. This is a scientifically baseless outdoor ban (yes, it includes vaping.) Lies used for the war on people who smoke are also used on vapers.

VAPING TRUTH: Thanks to all who replied about Dr. Paul Sachs of Stamford Health saying “A 40-year-old smoker trying to quit is not going to seek out Cap’N Crunch-flavored vapes.” Dr. Sachs, we’d like you to meet vapers over 40 proving you wrong! You can see many, many more ADULT VAPERS OVER 40 who need, want and enjoy these nostalgic and sweet flavors on our Facebook page at – The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association

Add your testimony on our Facebook or Twitter threads!

#QuitLying #AdultVapersDemandFlavors

ADVOCACY: In the week before #WorldVapeDay & #WorldNoTobaccoDay, busy CASAA director Julie Woessner (who also serves as INNCO board president,) spoke on a panel discussion with Dr. David Abrams & Dr. Raymond Niaura (NYU School of Global Public Health) about WHO report on vaping.

RESEARCH: CASAA is cooperating with researchers from the Department of Life Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK! This cross-sectional study will look at real vapers’ habits and compare self-reported health of people who vape vs smoke.

Questionnaire on Vaping and Smoking Habits & Self-Reported Respiratory Symptoms Survey for Vapers and Smokers