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South African Proves Bans Don’t Work, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Help support a vaping advocate. CASAA CEO in the media. South Africa and Taiwan bans prove bans don’t work. A win in Tacoma-Pierce County, Washington. Check out new resources on CASAA’s web site.

VAPE COMMUNITY: Funds raised from this effort are going to provide vaping advocacy pioneer @RayYeates2 with the home oxygen system, portable oxygen unit & affordable, sustainable place to call home denied to him & his wife by the Nova Scotia authorities.

#SaveRayYeates organized by Jaye Blancher
SCIENCE-FREE POLICIES: South Africa tobacco/vapor ban proves #BansDontWork. Instead of reducing smoking, only 16% quit. Some who quit PLAN to smoke again, while others likely to relapse within 12 months. Huge price increases (similar to sin taxes) didn’t inspire quitting, either!

How South Africa’s Coronavirus Tobacco Prohibition Backfired
BAD HEALTH POLICY: HPA report finds 42% more young Taiwanese now SMOKING than #vaping (81k vs 57k,) yet health officials inexplicably blame vaping for increase. Is it possible FAR FEWER would be smoking if sale of vapor products wasn’t ILLEGAL? #QuitLying

Number of young Taiwanese smoking rises for f… | Taiwan News
JACKSON, WYOMING: (UPDATE) Businesses/vape advocates have helped table the flavor ban being considered by the town until the next meeting on June 15th. More people getting involved and speaking out against the ban could help stop this from being passed!

Town council passes public-building smoking ordinance, tables vaping vote
CASAA IN THE NEWS: CASAA CEO Alex Clark tells reporter why the flavor ban in NY is bad for consumers.

“Taking vapor products, which are safer nicotine alternatives, from people who smoke or switched from smoking is a bad and irresponsible decision….”

State ban on sale of flavored vaping products takes effect
THE MORE YOU KNOW: CASAA’s website has State pages that provide advocates with up-to-date info, state laws, Calls to Action, advocacy tips & contact info. Check out your state’s page & don’t forget to join CASAA for email updates!

State Locator
TACOMA-PIERCE COUNTY, WASHINGTON: (UPDATE) In rare good news, an injunction that keeps the Health Department from enforcing unreasonable regulations on vape shops was upheld Tuesday by an opinion of a three-judge panel of the state Court of Appeals.