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A Michigan Court of Appeals Win, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Call to Action Update in California. CASAA tells FDA to reject modified risk application for Very Low Nicotine cigarettes. Michigan Court of Appeals rules in favor of vape shop and against flavor ban. Vape junk science continues.
CALIFORNIA: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) Flavor ban bill SB 793 passed Senate Committee on Health with little debate and virtually no resistance. Contact the committee consultant and your lawmakers. Share your story and urge them to reject SB 793! TAKE ACTION: CA – Stop a Statewide Flavor Ban!
CASAA IN ACTION: Advertising your products contain “95% less nicotine” & “helps reduce your nicotine consumption” (as though nicotine is the main risk in smoke) & still claim the public will understand they are actually NOT “safer” cigarettes? Just…no.

CASAA to FDA: Reject Claims on Very Low Nicotine Cigarette Label – CASAA
MICHIGAN: (UPDATE) Good news! The Court of Appeals UPHELD the preliminary injunction AGAINST Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s flavor ban! In a harshly worded 13-page concurring opinion attached to the ruling, Judge Mark Boonstra called Whitmer’s order “government overreach.”

Michigan appeals court sides with vape shop, against flavored vaping ban
JUNK VAPE SCIENCE: Study claims public “wrongly” believes vaping not as bad for bone healing as smoking, b/c each have nicotine & “similar chemicals,” brushes off HUGE significance of “varying degrees.” Current research only “suspects” nicotine so…not proven.

New study shows majority of patients do not believe e-cigarettes and vapes impact bone fracture healing