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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.1.2019

National Black Justice Coalition condemns San Francisco vape ban. American Cancer Society proves, once again, that it doesn’t really support vaping. Oregon and Maine making vaping more expensive than smoking. Another California city banning flavors.

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OREGON: (HEADS UP!) Lawmakers sending question of adding a 65% wholesale sin tax to vapor products to ballot next year. This would raise cost of a $20 bottle of e-liquid to $33, MAKING VAPING COST MORE THAN SMOKING, even with the higher cigarette tax.

Oregon Senate finishes whirlwind votes after Republicans stall session

IN THE NEWS: National Black Justice Coalition @NBJContheMove opposes SF vapor products ban: “Beyond restricting the rights of responsible adults making informed decisions, an unintended consequence includes increasing the use and purchase of cigarettes.”

MAINE: (UPDATE) In wee hours of June 30, lawmakers pass bill defining vapor products as tobacco, subject to new 43% sin tax. In many cases, this WILL MAKE VAPE PRODUCTS COST MORE PER DAY THAN SMOKING in the state. Low risk snus will have same 43% tax.

E-cigarette tax, help for poor residents on governor’s desk

CAPITOLA, CALIFORNIA: (HEADS UP!) City took first steps to ban flavored tobacco & vapor products on Thursday, in first of 2 required readings. Surveys show non-tobacco flavors help adults who smoke move away from the taste of cigarettes, prevent relapse.

Capitola joins movement in banning flavored tobacco sales – Santa Cruz Sentinel

IN THE NEWS: (NEW YORK) American Cancer Society joins other groups in urging lawmakers to ban flavored vaping and low risk tobacco products in New York City and Albany County.

New York story: NAACP, Anti-Smoking Groups Press City Council Speaker on Bills Banning Flavored Cigarettes
Albany County story: 19 groups urge Albany County to pass flavored tobacco, e-cig ban