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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.3.2019

American Cancer Society disappointed with lower vape tax in New Jersey. Researchers look at effectiveness of low nicotine cigarettes. Oklahoma official says even just cutting back on cigarettes is good for public health. More and more smoking bans are including private residences – and vaping.

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NEW JERSEY: (UPDATE) So-called “kid-friendly” pods remain at 10¢/mL, but the American Cancer Society is still “disappointed” with the Governor’s reduction from 10¢/mL on bottled e-liquid (which is mainly used by adults who smoked) to 10% of wholesale. Tax on a $20/60 ml bottle will drop from $6 to $2.

“This tax rollback, makes it easier for New Jerseyans to get their hands-on e-cigarettes.”

Yes, ACS. That’s the whole point.

ACS CAN Disappointed that Governor Murphy Enacted Rollback of E-Cigarette Tax – Insider NJ

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Vape advocates often support laws banning vaping where smoking is prohibited, because they’re typically only thinking about restaurants, movie theaters, schools etc. But bans are increasingly being applied to PRIVATE RESIDENCES, such as this latest smoking and VAPING BAN IN ALL APARTMENTS & they’re turning neighbors into spies for enforcement.

The slippery slope is real.They won’t stop at “reasonable” bans in restaurants. They actually want smoking (and now vaping) banned EVERYWHERE, indoors and outdoors. If you give them an inch, they take a mile.

Millbrae snuffs out apartment smoking

RESEARCH: Scientists find low nicotine cigarettes + patches works better than decreasing regular cigarettes + patches. Ironically, nicotine VAPOR PRODUCTS do the same thing WITHOUT EXPOSING PEOPLE TO THE SMOKE found even in the low nicotine cigarettes.

Effectiveness of switching to very low nicotine content cigarettes plus nicotine patch vs reducing daily cigarette consumption plus nicotine patch to decrease dependence: An exploratory randomized trial

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Oklahoma Department of Health Tobacco Manager says: “Fewer people are smoking, they might not have quit but that means they are smoking less. Which is going to help the health, is going to help Oklahoma. We are going to have better health outcomes because we are consuming less”

Interestingly, the same point made by Tobacco Harm Reduction advocates regarding “dual use” (people who vape but haven’t completely quit smoking, but reducing number of cigarettes smoked) is completely dismissed as not relevant!

Oklahoma Cigarette Sales Declining 1 Year After Tax Hike