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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.10.2019

Call to Action update for Albany County flavor ban. South Carolina town banning vaping in public. Livermore, California bans sales of vapor products, flavored tobacco. Researchers claim vaping may cause bronchitis/COPD. WHO endorses low- or no-nicotine cigarettes that may actually increase smoke exposure.

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ALBANY COUNTY, NEW YORK: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATED!) Local Law “E” has been sent back to committee to consider amendments exempting cigar bars & hookah lounges. The amendments would NOT exempt vape shops or allow for the sale of flavored vapor products. Urge lawmakers to OPPOSE Local Law “E”!

BLUFFTON, SOUTH CAROLINA: (HEADS UP!) City close to treating low risk vaping the same as smoking, prohibiting business owners from choosing to allow in their establishments and banning use OUTDOOR spaces, misleading public about risks.

Bluffton Town Council one step closer to adding e-cigarettes, vapes to ‘no smoking’ ordinance

LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA: (UPDATE) City bans sale of very low risk vapor products & flavored tobacco, while leaving conventional cigarettes (the most popular form of tobacco & what ANTZ call “the #1 cause of preventable death”) available for purchase.

Livermore votes to ban flavored tobacco products, e-cigarettes

RESEARCH: Study worries that vaping will cause chronic bronchitis/COPD, with coughing, shortness of breath and fatigue. “To really know, we need to wait 10 to 20 years.” But they didn’t bother to ask real people who have actually been vaping 10+ years.

If you thought vaping was safe, Kansas researchers have bad news – Welcome to Wyandotte Daily!

HARM REDUCTION: WHO’s endorsement of low- or no-nicotine cigarettes (that don’t reduce and may actually INCREASE exposure to smoke) “is at odds with its hostility to vaping. If WHO keeps going down this path, it could very well just make things worse.”

Is low-nicotine tobacco just another WHO smokescreen? – Press Enterprise