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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.12.2019

Call to Action for Massachusetts flavor ban. Vape taxes pushed in two Colorado cities. Proposed public use bans in North Carolina and Georgia. New York county wants to ban flavors. Studies support public health experts’ concern that anti-vaping laws lead to increased smoking. Wisconsin lawmakers surprised less smoking means less revenue.

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MASSACHUSETTS: (CALL TO ACTION!) Bill S 1279, banning the sale of flavored vapor & other smoke-free products, is scheduled for a public hearing on TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2019,1:00 PM-5:00 PM. Law would protect sales of cigarettes by removing competitors.

MA – Stop a Flavor Ban (S. 1279)

CRESTED BUTTE, COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) City letting voters decide on adding a 40% tax on vapor products and an ADDITIONAL 40% tax on low risk tobacco products that are already taxed at 40% by the state. Next council discussion is July 15th!

Nicotine tax debated by Crested Butte Town Council – The Crested Butte News

IN THE NEWS: CDC cigarette nicotine content survey proves that if you tell a lie frequently and long enough, people will believe that nicotine dependency is the main smoking health risk. Yet studies following nicotine therapy for Parkinson’s and ulcerative colitis show no addiction in patients after therapy is discontinued….

CDC says 8 in 10 US adults support limiting nicotine in cigarettes as FDA preps new rules

HARM REDUCTION: Will an E-Cigarette Ban Do More Harm Than Good?
NYU public health experts argue that measures intended to prevent teen vaping could make it tougher for tobacco smokers to quit; make teens more likely to smoke combustible cigarettes/cigars.

Will an E-Cigarette Ban Do More Harm Than Good?

BRECKENRIDGE, COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) City considering taxing low risk vapor products, raising the cost of lifesaving products for adults who smoke/vape, but unlikely to deter teens with disposable income.

Breckenridge Town Council agrees to explore nicotine tax, age increase to address public health concern

RESEARCH: Studies find that passage of minimal legal sale age laws that reduce access to vapor products and indoor vaping restriction laws are leading to increased cigarette use by pregnant teens who smoke.

E-cigarette Regulations Increase Prenatal Cigarette Use Among Teen Smokers, Study Shows – Georgia State University News – Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Research, University Research

MAIDEN, NORTH CAROLINA: (UPDATE) In spite of opposition, town has banned the use of smoke-free, low risk vapor products OUTDOORS at any park or rec area because…cigarette butts and kids.

Town of Maiden bans smoking, vaping in public parks

IN THE NEWS: Surprise! Wisconsinites are quitting smoking due to high taxes and public use bans, so revenue is way down. Now they’re taxing vapor products – the very products helping reduce smoking – to make up the losses. Clearly, it’s not about health!

Fewer people are smoking cigarettes, so state tax revenue is down. Now, Wisconsin will tax e-cigs.

CATTARAUGUS COUNTY, NEW YORK: (HEADS UP!) Even with “proven effective to halt youth use” Tobacco/Vapor 21 & indoor use laws already in place, Board of Health now calling for lawmakers to ban sales of flavored vapor products in the county. Give an inch…

Board of Health recommends flavored nicotine ban to curb number of young ‘vapers’

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GEORGIA: ANTZ groups pushing to treat vaping like smoking in public use ban. These laws increasingly include OUTDOOR spaces and PRIVATE RESIDENCES, take away business owners’ options and DON’T prevent worse laws like flavor bans/taxes.

Community organizations pushing for e-cigarettes to be added to smoke free ordinance