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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.17.2019

URGENT Call to Action update for Ohio. New York and Delaware deny adults 18-20 who smoke access to safer alternatives. Carmel, Indiana treats vaping like smoking, misleading public on risks. Harm reduction expert Brad Rodu takes on ANTZ shuckster Stanton Glantz.

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OHIO: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) HB 166 was NOT amended to remove a 10¢/mL tax on e-liquid that would unjustifiably charge people extra for making the responsible decision to switch to vaping and stop smoking. We have roughly 24 hours to get as many phone calls and emails to Governor Mike DeWine urging him to VETO THE VAPOR TAX!

OH – Stop Extra Taxes on Vaping!

NEW YORK & DELAWARE: (UPDATE) States raised age to purchase tobacco to 21, but also denied adults 18-20 who smoke access to low risk products that actually help them quit smoking. These laws have so far failed to reduce illegal youth use in other cities and states.

New York: Governor Cuomo signs legislation to raise smoking age to 21 statewide
Delaware: Delaware Raises Legal Age For Smoking, Buying Tobacco Products From 18 To 21

CARMEL, INDIANA: (UPDATE) With NO EVIDENCE of risk to bystanders, city treats vaping same as smoking by banning use in most public places. Takes away businesses’ CHOICE to cater to vapers, misleads public on risks & justifies future sin taxes/flavor bans.

Carmel votes to ban e-cigarettes from most public places

IN THE NEWS: Study linking vaping to heart attacks muddied amid spat between two tobacco researchers. Harm Reduction expert Brad Rodu (@BradRodu) takes on false claims and bad science put out by long-time ANTZ (Anti Nicotine and Tobacco Zealot) Stanton Glantz (@ProfGlantz).

Study linking vaping to heart attacks muddied amid spat between two tobacco researchers