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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.18.2019

Call to Action update for Ohio. Crested Butte amends vape sales tax. Carmel, Indiana treats vaping like smoking, misleading public on risks. Harm reduction expert Dr. Brad Rodu debunks extent of teen vaping “epidemic.” CASAA CEO Alex Clark on The Kojo Nnamdi Show. Chamblee, Georgia slides far down the slippery slope.

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THE MORE YOU KNOW: If a teen vaping “epidemic” was creating adults who smoke, the 18-24 age group would be seeing a smoking INCREASE. But Dr. Brad Rodu explains that (according to CDC data) exclusive smoking & dual use in that group have both DECLINED by around 50% from 2014 to 2018. Where is evidence of a “gateway?”

Tobacco Truth: As Young Adult Smoking Evaporates, “Teen Vaping Epidemic” Appears Overblown

ADVOCACY: Listen to CASAA CEO Alex Clark, discussing the new anti-vaping laws in Maryland & Virginia, and higher tobacco/vapor taxes in D.C, vs Matt Meyers from Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids on The Kojo Nnamdi Show!

CRESTED BUTTE, COLORADO: (UPDATE) City still sending a 40% tax on vapor and smoke-free products to voters this fall, but exempt nicotine-free liquids and hardware. A $25/60 ml bottle would cost $35 which, for many people, will be about same cost as cigarettes even with the new $3 cigarette tax.

Council pulls back on proposed tobacco and nicotine tax – The Crested Butte News

OHIO: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE) State budget passes including a 10¢/mL vape tax & denying adults 18-20 who smoke access to far safer alternatives. A 60 ml bottle would be taxed $6 + sales tax, so a $25 product will now be about $33 which, for many people, will be more than cost of the equivalent in cigarettes.

$69B state budget with tax cuts, health-care transparency on way to approval

CHAMBLEE, GEORGIA: City BANS smoking and VAPING EVERYWHERE except residential streets (for now) & single family homes. ANTZ once said “There’s no slippery slope! We just want separate areas in restaurants.” But now, some people can’t even LEGALLY vape in their OWN RESIDENCE!

Metro city passes restrictive smoking ban, stricter than Atlanta’s