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Heads Up – News – Updates 8.5.2019

Urgent Call to Action in Boulder, Colorado. Heads up in Wisconsin. The more you know about anti-smoking laws. Hawaii #2 in teen vaping despite “evidence-based” laws. Ohio city getting backlash for not hiring tobacco/nicotine consumers. Pro-harm reduction opinion articles by Michelle Minton, Liam Sigaud and Amanda Wheeler.

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BOULDER, COLORADO: (URGENT CALL TO ACTION!) Ordinances that would limit availability of and access to safer alternatives to smoking will be introduced TOMORROW (Tues., August 6th at 7 PM). Make plans to attend and speak at this meeting!

CO – Boulder: Stop a Flavor Ban, Taxes, and Tobacco 21 – CASAA


THE MORE YOU KNOW: Even with Tobacco 21 since Jan. 2016 and banning public use, Hawaii reportedly has #2 youth vaping rate in the US. So much for “effective, evidence-based policies.” Now they want to ban flavors that help adults avoid smoking relapse.

US surgeon general raises alarm about high rates of vaping among Hawaii kids

WISCONSIN: (HEADS UP!) Tobacco 21 law to prevent TEEN smoking/vaping will also deny ADULTS 18-20, who already smoke or vape access to far safer, low risk alternatives to smoking. NO ONE should be denied access to products that help them keep from smoking!

WI rep. wants to raise age for tobacco, nicotine use to 21

OPINION: (Michelle Minton) FDA can save lives by rejecting Scott Gottlieb’s bad recommendations

“The tactical phrasing of “tobacco use” made the public think that teen use of cigarettes had increased, which is not the case.”

FDA can save lives by rejecting Scott Gottlieb’s bad recommendations

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Watch smoking laws closely. Without ANY evidence, they are increasingly being applied to vaping and even smoke-free tobacco (which definitely doesn’t impact bystanders.) After smoking and vaping, what’s next?

First they came for the smokers…

IN THE NEWS: Dayton, Ohio Ban on Smokers, Vapers Hiring Draws Massive Public Outrage Among Worker Unions. Most of the employees are opposing the new bill and are planning to take it to the court.

Ohio City’s Ban on Smokers, Vapers Hiring Draws Massive Public Outrage Among Worker Unions ~ Hiptoro

OPINION: (Liam Sigaud) “By equating the health risks of e-cigarettes and combustible cigarettes and failing to acknowledge the different relative risks of these products, authority figures are doing a disservice to the millions of smokers who may be seeking a safer alternative but are misled into believing there is no health benefit from switching to e-cigarettes. The consequences of these actions are clear: Fewer smokers will quit and more will die..”

Misleading information on e-cigarettes risks lives

OPINION: (Amanda Wheeler) “Boulder misses the mark on e-cigarettes…all of these new taxes, bans, and restrictions on e-cigarettes have unintended consequences…eliminate the safer alternative while leaving traditional cigarettes in stores.”

Opinion: Boulder misses the mark on e-cigarettes