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Heads Up – News – Updates 8.6.2019

Urgent Heads Up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Cities consider public vaping bans in Maine and Indiana.

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WAUWATOSA, WISCONSIN: (URGENT HEADS UP!) City considering 7:30 PM TONIGHT to treat vaping the same as smoking, without any evidence of harm to bystanders, and denying business owners right to allow vaping. Next will be outdoors and in private residences.

Wauwatosa To Consider New Vaping Ordinance: Report

ROCKLAND, MAINE: (HEADS UP!) Aug. 12th vote to ban smoking and VAPING OUTDOORS, without any evidence vaping is even a risk to bystanders INDOORS, banning outdoors is patently ridiculous. This is where agreeing to vaping included in smoking bans is leading us.

Public hearing and final vote expected in September.

Rockland considers smoking ban for city parks – By Stephen Betts

CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA: (HEADS UP!) City considering banning use of ALL nicotine and tobacco products (even those that don’t expose bystanders to vapor or smoke) on all indoor and OUTDOOR public property. Don’t support laws that are NOT EVIDENCE-BASED!

Council to consider ban on tobacco use