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Chicago Flavor Ban Stalled, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

CASAA needs your help! National Call to Action for vape mail ban. Wisconsin ANTZ ignore vape fact. Hawaii closer to flavor ban. Bricks & mortar association backs online vape sales ban. Chicago flavor ban stalls.

MESSAGE FROM CASAA: We’ve never really done this before, but CASAA needs your help! Today! Right now!
Click here to learn more. We’ve never done anything like this before… – CASAA


S. 1253, which would severely impact delivery of vapor products nationwide, is moving back to the US House and looks likely to pass. TAKE ACTION NOW and urge your representative to reject S. 1253!

US – Keep Vape Mail Legal! (Reject S.1253)

 ANTZ try to credit WI 2009 public use ban for adult smoking drop from 20% to 16% and ignore any possible link with adult vaping going from <1% to 5% during same time period, with many saying they tried vaping BECAUSE of the ban! #QuitLying

WJFW – Smoking Rates Dropped Since Smoke-Free Air Law

 HB 2457, a statewide FLAVOR BAN, now moves back to legislature. Reporter trots out old “adolescent brain damage” (in RATS) and again conflates nicotine vaping w/ lung injuries caused by illicit THC vaping (nothing to do with flavors.)

Ways and Means passes measure banning flavored tobacco products | West Hawaii Today

 Gas station/convenience store association unsurprisingly backs law that will ELIMINATE major competition from online sales, yet a newer 2019 study shows 53.1% youth reported buying JUUL from a gas station/convenience store. #QuitLying

Senate Passes Bill to Stop E-Cigarette Sales to Minors

 Good news! Flavor ban STALLED in City Council committee after “running into an avalanche of opposition.” But MORE VAPE ADVOCATES also need to “show up in force” next time, as many retailers seemed willing to throw vaping under the bus!

Chicago ban on flavored tobacco products stalls in City Council committee