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COVID-19 Makes EVALI Harder to Diagnose, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

California Call to Action update! Heads Up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Thanks to CDC, EVALI making a come back. Are you a candidate for vaping research? Wisconsin Department of Revenue clarifies vape tax after lawsuit.

EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN: (HEADS UP!) City council will first read proposed PUBLIC VAPING BAN at next meeting, public hearing and vote will be held in two weeks. These bans are NOT based on science and MISLEAD public to believe vaping is the same as smoking!

Eau Claire group proposes to add vapes, e-cigarettes to indoor smoking ban – WQOW
Before COVID-19 there was EVALI. Gross negligence by CDC led public to WRONGLY believe nicotine vapor products were cause of lung injuries actually caused by THC vapes tainted with vitamin E acetate. Now EVALI cases are rising again!

Remember Vaping Injuries? They’re Climbing Again In Some Places, But Covid-19 Makes Them Harder To Diagnose
Scientists looking for very light or never-smoked vapers to separate health effects of past smoking from claims about vaping. Many of our members may not qualify, but if you might fall under that category, please be sure to participate!

Study Subject | VERITAS COHORT
 SB 793, which would ban the sale of vapor products in flavors other than tobacco, is scheduled for a PUBLIC HEARING on 8/4 @ 2pm, Assembly Committee on Health. It is important that CONSUMERS participate in this hearing!

CA – Stop a Statewide Flavor Ban! (Updated)
DOR clarifies how reversal of budget veto changes VAPE TAX. Legislature intended tax to apply only to devices PRE-FILLED with e-lquid, NOT BOTTLED liquids. However, we suspect it won’t be too long before a new vape tax bill is proposed!


DOR Supreme Court Ruling on Vapor Products Definition_