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Vaping Prohibitions Based on False EVALI Link, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Research shows CDC caused public confusion and bad legislation, resulting in vaping prohibitions, with their lung injury response. Why you should oppose public vaping bans (heads up New Hanover and West Hollywood.) Kentucky vape tax starts August 1. Vape shops and companies doing what it takes to stay in business.

RESEARCH: With the resurgence of lung injury reports, media/lawmakers need to learn from this May 2020 paper.

“The CDC initially suggested that the cause of the outbreak was nicotine vaping because the outbreak followed a large increase in nicotine vaping among US adolescents. Case–control studies revealed that the majority of cases had vaped illicit cannabis oils that were contaminated by vitamin E acetate. The CDC’s public advice and the media were slow to report the evidence on the role of cannabis vaping. Popular government regulatory proposals—bans on sales of nicotine flavours and vaporizers—were based on the assumption that nicotine vaping was the cause of the outbreak.”

“Media reporting in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom of the US Centers for Disease Control’s analysis of the causes of the e‐cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury outbreak contributed to regulatory over‐reactions to nicotine vaping by the public health community.”

“EVALI” has nothing to do with nicotine vapor products!

Click Here to Read Research Abstract
NEW HANOVER CO., NC: (HEADS UP!) HHS wants to BAN VAPING EVERYWHERE IN PUBLIC. Such bans have no scientific basis and mislead public to WRONGLY believe vaping has significant health risks, in turn leading public to support MORE bans/taxes and nearby governments to follow suit!
BAD VAPE POLICY: Around the country, businesses have to find legal (and not) ways around the baseless, knee-jerk laws banning non-tobacco flavored vapor products.

Native American Reservations a Haven for New York Vape Shops
KENTUCKY: (HEADS UP!) The new vapor product tax (currently including devices) starts August 1. In addition to the existing 6% sales tax, a “sin” tax of $1.50 on each cartridge or pod, and 15% of the actual price for an open vaping system will be imposed.

BAD PUBLIC HEALTH: Another reason to oppose public use bans! “Public” smoking bans are increasingly encroaching PRIVATE spaces, such as condo and apartment units. Especially troubling for elderly & poor forced to leave their home, increasing their risks.

Proposal to Ban Smoking in Apartments Gets Pushback from Cannabis Advocacy Group