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Daily Youth Smoking Hits Historic Lows, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Heads Up for Oregon! Montana vapers beat flavor ban. The ignored upside of the CDC’s 2019 YRBS report – daily youth smoking hits a historic low rate! ANTZ bias and shady tactics exposed. Another reason why you should oppose public use bans.

CDC 2019 YOUTH RISK BEHAVIOR SURVEY REPORT: While the ANTZ focus on the misleading 32.7% of high school youth “currently” vaping (having at least 1 puff in the past 30 days,) we’d like to point out the GOOD NEWS that DAILY vaping (a better indicator of “addiction”) is just 7.1% and the 6.0% currently smoking is down from 23% in 2005 (once again showing that there is NO vaping “gateway effect” to youth smoking.) Additionally, daily youth smoking is down to just 1.1% from 7.2% in 2005.

MONTANA: (UPDATE) Good news! After 20 lawmakers objected and a legislative poll was conducted, MHD was forced to withdraw its flavor ban this past Friday. Congratulations to all of the advocates who fought long & hard to get the truth out & change minds!

EXPOSING ANTZ BIAS: After exposing mice only to cigarette SMOKE, without testing if vaping even produced (or significantly reduced) the same potential risk, researchers list vaping as a health threat to future generations. This is what passes for valid science in tobacco control?

OREGON: (HEADS UP!) Ignoring that adults are returning to smoking in areas where vapor products are excessively taxed, sales restricted and flavors banned, anti-vape group recommends vapor products be excessively taxed, sales restricted and flavors banned, in order to reduce youth use. They also continue to lie that nicotine vaping has a link to lung injuries and COVID-19.

SHADY ANTZ TACTICS: EVALI is clearly about vitamin E acetate in illicit THC products, yet they mysteriously end the article about helping people quit unrelated nicotine vapor products.

Would an article about Alcohol-Related Liver Disease (ARLD) end with “We can help people kick the soda habit and reduce the risk of health complications. Although ARLD has been associated with people drinking alcohol, many people drink soda in addition to alcohol”?

Only if the true goal was conflating nicotine vaping with EVALI (in the minds of the unknowing public) to gain support for bans and taxes.

PUBLIC USE BANS: If you think this doesn’t affect you, just remember that many vapers don’t fight ordinances adding vaping to or expanding smoking bans, saying they “already don’t vape where they can’t smoke.” If ANTZ get their way, that will soon be EVERYWHERE, including private residences.