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Research on Vaping Shows No Link to Respiratory Disease, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Urgent California Call to Action Update! New research on vaping tells “the whole story.” ANTZ vaping fear tactics resemble “reefer madness.” FDA shames teen vapers. Vapers returning to smoking. Consequences of South Africa’s bans. ANTZ admit flavors aren’t only reason teens might vape. The “slippery slope” of public smoking/vaping bans.

CALIFORNIA: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) Committee meets again TOMORROW (8/20)! We’ve made it easy to advocate for your ability to purchase of non-tobacco vapor flavors. YOU can do this!! Just click the link and send a message NOW!

VAPE RESEARCH: “…recent research appearing to demonstrate a link between e-cigarettes and respiratory disease does not tell the whole story…the authors find no evidence that current or former e-cigarette use is associated with respiratory disease among respondents who had never smoked combustible tobacco. Moreover, while dual users are more likely to develop respiratory disease than non-smokers, there do not appear to be significant differences between dual users and smokers.”


“Not satisfied with a ban on flavored products, vaping opponents are now trying to leverage fear of COVID-19 infection as a means of preventing many adults from choosing to engage in an activity they find pleasurable….

As with ‘reefer madness’ and other drug war hysterics, vapophobia and e‐​cigarette prohibition will only fuel a nascent and growing underground market. It will also deprive tobacco smokers of an effective means of harm reduction as they try to quit that decidedly unhealthy activity.”


“But for those who are dependent on nicotine, are the real harms [from vaping] as dangerous as the results of humiliation, or encouraging their friends to treat them as pariahs? That’s where we are with teenage vaping now.”

FDA Uses Drug War-Style Ads to Shame Teenage Vapers

ANTZ POLICY NIGHTMARE: “As vaping bans increase, people turn back to traditional cigarettes”

Guy Bentley on how “consequences of banning e-cigarette flavors, incl pushing people to smoke more, might be unintended but that doesn’t make them excusable.”

As vaping bans increase, people turn back to more harmful traditional cigarettes

PROHIBITION FAIL: Consequences of South Africa’s #tobacco/#vaping ban demonstrated in one sentence.

“It’s terrible to admit it but I had some illegal cigarettes,” said a Johannesburg-based artist, stocking up on nicotine liquid at a nearby vape shop.

ANTZ letter to the editor admits that teens could start vaping for reasons other than flavors. (CDC data actually shows “curiosity” is the main reason for over 56%. Flavors at around 22%.) Of course, still lying about a COVID-19 link!

SLIPPERY SLOPE REALITY: The “We just want separate non-smoking areas for us” campaign of the 1970’s (where ANTZ denied there was a “slippery slope” to bans everywhere) has finally hit rock bottom to “No smoking or vaping even in your own home.”