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Steve Forbes Supports Vaping & Harm Reduction, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Heads Up Phoenix, AZ and New Hanover, NC! Excellent vaping commentaries by Michelle Minton at CEI, Steve Forbes at Forbes and Jacob Sullum at Reason. You can help businesses submitting FDA Pre-Marketing Tobacco Applications! ANTZ fake a COVID-19 link to vaping and twist truth about smoke-free tobacco. FTC thinks Altria’s JUUL investment “consolidated” the vapor market, ignores PMTA devastation.

SUPPORT VAPING OPTIONS: Without those who were courageous enough to start a vape biz in these uncertain and confusing times, consumers wouldn’t have the choices they do. Here YOU can help those businesses submitting FDA Pre-Marketing Tobacco Applications!

PHOENIX, ARIZONA: (HEADS UP!) Using COVID-19 (completely unrelated to flavors) as excuse, council member is introducing ordinance to ban sale of all tobacco & nicotine products in non-tobacco flavors. Not yet introduced, but YOU can take action NOW!

AZ – Phoenix – Stop A Flavor Ban! – CASAA

COMMENTARY: (Michelle Minton)
How the U.S. Spreads Fake Vaping Fears, Part II
“In defiance of history, science, and human nature, governments around the world are warming up to the idea of prohibition. While maintaining easy access to combustible cigarettes, governments are increasingly considering policies to ban, tax, or heavily restrict non-combustible forms of nicotine. Such policies, among others, will keep smokers smoking and millions around the globe dying as a result.”

Be sure to read part 1, too!

How the U.S. Spreads Fake Vaping Fears, Part II

TWISTING THE TRUTH: ANTZ announce global deaths increase due to “smokeless tobacco,” but 82% of the cases are in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It’s a stretch to call what they use there “smokeless tobacco,” because the most popular product used – gutkha – contains crushed areca nut (betel nut), tobacco, catechu, paraffin wax and slaked lime. The main ingredient is the areca nut, so the tobacco is actually an additive to gutkha, not the main ingredient. Areca nut is highly carcinogenic, in addition to other health problems to which it’s been linked. Even the tobacco-free form of gutkha (paan masala) is known to be “carcinogenic, genotoxic, and have harmful effects on the oral cavity, liver, kidneys and reproductive organs.”

Those products are very different from the chew and snus that people in the most of the rest of the world think of as “smokeless tobacco.” It is no accident that the ANTZ want people to think these cases are rising (or ever were) because of western-style smoke-free tobacco!

VAPE JUNK SCIENCE: Researchers claim to find #COVID19 is associated with youth #vaping, prompting a call by U.S. Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi for FDA to “temporarily clear the market of all e-cigarettes,” but expert analysis finds that the data contradicts the claim. #QuitLying

And for even more proof that this study is ANTZ junk science, read this excellent Twitter thread by Michelle Minton!

PRO-VAPING COMMENTARY: Steve Forbes “tackles the mortally misbegotten campaign” against vapor products and tobacco harm reduction.

“The attacks are factually false. Contrary to the antivaping narrative, e-cigarettes are the best, least harmful way for smokers to give up tobacco.”

Vaping Versus Tobacco: The Truth You Need To Know

Citing a Dubious Study, This Congressman Wants the FDA To Ban E-Cigarettes As a COVID-19 Hazard
The study suggests that vaping raises your risk of catching the disease, but only if you stop (vaping).

“Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D–Ill.), who chairs the House Oversight Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy, wants the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban e-cigarettes as a COVID-19 hazard. He cites a new study that supposedly shows “e-cigarette users are much likelier to be diagnosed with COVID-19 and to experience symptoms.” But contrary to what you may have read, that is not what the study actually found.”

Citing a Dubious Study, This Congressman Wants the FDA To Ban E-Cigarettes As a COVID-19 Hazard

VAPE NEWS: Personal feeling aside, FTC thinking Altria’s investment in JUUL “reduced competition and consolidated the e-cigarette market” completely ignores open systems market as valid competition (and did vapers really not have a lot of options when Altria stopped selling their e-cigarettes?) and shows appalling ignorance that looming PMTA requirements will soon decimate the entire vapor products market, maybe even JUUL without Altria’s backing.

Altria, JUUL Call FTC’s Antitrust Complaint ‘Ill-Conceived’ and Deal Good for Competition, Consumers

NEW HANOVER, NC: (HEADS UP!) Without evidence showing any risk to bystanders, HHS seeks commissioner approval to ban ALL public vaping and smoking. Even if you don’t vape where you can’t smoke, health laws should be based on science, not lies!

Update to county-wide smoking ban approved by Health and Human Services Board | Fox Wilmington WSFX-TV