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California Flavor Ban Endangers Health, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Call to Action update for Vermont flavor ban! Heads Up for Hawaii! Help your favorite vape companies with PMTA. Looming California flavor ban sparks editorial on unintended consequences and exposes ANTZ ideology over reality.
(via CASAA Twitter @CASAAMedia)

VERMONT: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) S. 288 (Flavor Ban) heading to meeting in the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday, August 27, 2020, 3:00 PM, Room 6.

CASAA makes it quick and easy to send a message to your state senator urging them to oppose this bill!

VT – Stop Flavors Prohibition (S. 288)! (UPDATED)

FDA ACTION: New PMTA hopefuls are being added to our list almost daily. If you use products from any of the companies listed here, you can help by filling out their survey!

Open Surveys for Independent PMTAs – CASAA

HAWAII: (HEADS UP!) ALA now pushing flavor ban after their “proven effective” Tobacco/Vapor 21 scheme, passed in Hawaii in 2015 & nationally in 2019, fails to reduce youth vaping rates (which are artificially inflated by “just one puff” in past 30 days.)
They also continue to unethically confuse and mislead the public by placing blame on nicotine vaping for EVALI (actually caused by vitamin E acetate in illicit THC products) and COVID-19 (the risks of which have not been linked to vaping in any way, whatsoever.)

Maui Now: American Lung Association Responds to Hawai‘i’s Vaping Rates

DEADLY ANTZ POLICIES: (EDITORIAL) California flavor ban Bill 793, which bans sale of flavored tobacco and vapor products throughout the state, “purports to improve public health, but it actually would endanger the health of people who are trying to quit smoking.”


Flavor ban would deprive smokers of safer options – Orange County Register

ANTZ IDEOLOGY vs REALITY: Claiming your law won’t increase potentially dangerous police/citizen interactions because you’re banning store sales not possession, completely misses the point of who will be selling those products once stores can’t sell them.

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Proposed California ban on flavored tobacco sales sparks discussion of systemic racism