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Submit a Comment to the FDA Citizen’s Petition, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Calling all consumers – submit your comment to the FDA Citizen’s Petition! Harm reduction alternatives. Another study exposes ANTZ bias. More ANTZ junk science. Another great commentary by Michelle Minton. Heads up in Alaska. Philippines regulates vapor products. Prohibition really, really doesn’t work. Pleasanton, CA bans ALL vape sales.

NATIONAL: (CALL TO ACTION!) A Citizen’s Petition has been filed with the FDA requesting the agency seek a 180-day extension to the PMTA deadline for certain small, open-system manufacturers. CASAA has made it easy for CONSUMERS to submit a comment!

National – FDA Citizen’s Petition – PMTA Delay – CASAA

HARM REDUCTION CHOICES: Snus (and nicotine pouches) are very low risk alternatives for those who don’t want to use other tobacco & vapor products.

“I think that vaping flavor bans create a hole that nicotine pouches might fill.” – Alex Clark, CASAA CEO

Smokin’ Smokeless Sales – CStore Decisions

EXPOSING ANTZ BIAS: Study ridiculously claims vapers might have accidentally vaped hand sanitizer because manufacturers used same bottles and are upset vape companies–as did many companies, from cars to infant formula–used “COVID-19 messaging” in ads.

Vaping ad tactics ‘exploited’ the pandemic, study says

ANTZ JUNK SCIENCE: Blaming poor oral health on #vaping, ignoring fact that most vapers previously smoked cigarettes & the few youth who vape daily likely make other impactful choices, such as sugary soda & junk food. Correlation does not equal causation!

Your oral health could be at risk if you vape

COMMENTARY: (Michelle Minton, CEI) “Even as evidence supporting the relative safety and effectiveness of e-cigarettes emerged, opponents balked. Each study was dismissed for having flaws, limitations, or authors with real or imagined conflicts of interest.”

Anti-Nicotine Zealots Only Care about Science When it Says What They Want

KODIAK ISLAND, ALASKA: (HEADS UP!) Council considering a 37.5% wholesale tax on smoke-free tobacco and vaping products. Reducing incentive to use far lower risk products when 19.1% of your population over 16 yrs smokes is simply bad public health policy!

Borough Assembly explores raising taxes on cigarettes, tobacco products

AROUND THE WORLD: (PHILIPPINES) Lawmakers wisely decide NOT to ban vaping. “Bill highlights as a policy to consider harm reduction measures as a public health strategy by ensuring that non-combustible alternatives to cigarettes are properly regulated.”

2 House committees approve e-cigs and heated tobacco bill

INCONVENIENT FACTS: More evidence that bans not only don’t work, they push otherwise law-abiding citizens to break the law. “During South Africa’s prohibition of cigarette sales, an estimated 93% of smokers bought their cigarettes from illegal sellers.”

South Africa Ends Ban on Cigarettes, but Smuggling May Stay

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA: (UPDATE) City bans sale of low risk, flavored smoke-free tobacco & ANY vaping product, leaving people who smoke & vape without locally-available low risk options to cigarettes, which remain easy to purchase around the city.

Pleasanton Council Bans Vape Sales, Restricts Tobacco Sales