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Heads Up – News – Updates 8.30.2019

Heads Up! for Wisconsin and Pitkin County, Colorado. Boulder, Colorado denies young adults who smoke access to safer alternatives and, along with city of Carbondale, denies ALL adults who vape access to non-tobacco flavored products.

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BOULDER, COLORADO: (UPDATE) City bans sale of low risk, smoke-free flavored vapor products while still allowing sale of combustible cigarettes & denies adults 18-20 who smoke access to products 2X more effective in helping people quit than gum/patch.

Boulder bans flavored vaping products, increases buying age for tobacco, nicotine products

CARBONDALE, COLORADO: (UPDATE) City bans sale of flavored low risk, smoke-free vapor products while still allowing sale of combustible cigarettes. Surveys show adults who use flavored vapor products are less likely to relapse & teen use worries overblown.

Carbondale approves aggressive tobacco ban despite criticisms of ‘overreaction’

WISCONSIN: (HEADS UP!) State lawmakers want to deny adults 18-20 who smoke access to low risk, smoke-free products that are shown to be 2X as effective in helping people quit.

Despite claims, Tobacco/Vapor 21 laws have NOT been shown to reduce teen smoking or vaping. In fact, Hawaii passed T21 years ago and now has one of the highest teen vaping rates in the country!

Having an existing T21 law also hasn’t stopped states, counties and cities from passing flavor bans, complete sales bans or exorbitant taxes, hurting adults who vape and are well OVER 21 years old.

Wisconsin Lawmaker Proposes Raising Legal Age To Purchase Tobacco Products

PITKIN COUNTY, COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) County commissioners hoping voters will agree to a 40% sin tax on low risk, smoke-free products. ANTZ claim price increases reduces youth uptake (which is debatable), but these increases also disproportionately punish low income ADULTS who aren’t even smoking!

Pitkin County will send tobacco tax proposal to November ballot

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