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Heads Up – News – Updates 9.3.2019

Heads Up! alerts for members in New York, Minnesota, Colorado and Arizona. CASAA’s Alex Clark drops facts in interview about recent lung illnesses. FDA & CDC finally issue warning about black market vapor products. Commentary about Maine’s new vape tax.

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ADVOCACY: CASAA’s Alex Clark gets a chance to tell the FACTS to an NBC affiliate about recent illnesses being attributed to “vaping” that are actually linked to black market street drugs, not the retail vapor products that are helping people quit smoking.

Vaping advocate blames lung issues on …-filled cartridges

HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK: (HEADS UP!) Town leaders use recent illnesses due to vaping black market street drugs as ridiculous and irresponsible excuse to ban the non-tobacco flavors in legal nicotine vapor products that help adults who smoke avoid relapse.

Hempstead Takes Lead In Aiming To Ban Sale Of E-Cigarettes To Curb Vaping For All

MOUNDS VIEW, MINNESOTA: (HEADS UP!) City takes first steps in denying adults 18-20 who smoke access to products that are 2X more effective to help them quit and >95% safer. T21 laws are NOT evidence based and don’t prevent worse laws being passed later!

Mounds View poised to join neighbors, increase tobacco sale age | Lillie Suburban Newspapers –

COMMENTARY: (Liam Sigaud) “So-called “sin” taxes typically serve two objectives. One is to generate government revenue. The other is to discourage unhealthy behavior.”

“Augusta’s [Maine] financial assault on vaping achieves neither goal.”

VAIL, COLORADO: (HEADS UP!) Town Council will consider a resolution at its 6PM Tuesday, Sept. 3 meeting, asking voters to consider a special tax of 40% on low risk vapor and smoke-free tobacco products during Vail’s regular general election in November.

Vail to weigh ballot question to impose local sales tax on tobacco, nicotine products – Real Vail

IN THE NEWS: Despite attempts by ANTZ to blame recent reports of respiratory illnesses among vapers on legal e-cigarettes, FDA and CDC (finally!) warn against use of BLACK MARKET products.

Federal Investigators Think Black-Market Vaping Products, Not Legal E-Cigarettes, Are to Blame for Respiratory Illnesses

PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA: (HEADS UP!) County Board of Supervisors wants to hear from the public about a proposal to deny adults 18-20 who smoke access to the smoke-free products that are shown to be 2X more effective and >95% safer. Tell them “no!”

Pima County wants public input on smoking age