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Heads Up – News – Updates 8.8.2019

Call to Action flavor ban in Sacramento County, California. Outdoor vape ban in Chamblee, Georgia. Excellent commentary on harmful ANTZ propaganda by Michael McGrady. What to Know about the Wisconsin teen hospitalizations, FDA seizure reports and teen with a collapsed lung stories.

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: (CALL TO ACTION!) County is considering legislation to ban the sale of flavored vapor and tobacco products within the unincorporated parts of the county. Your stories can make a difference in how they choose to move forward!

CA – Sacramento County – Stop a Flavor Ban!

WHAT TO KNOW: (Seizure reports.) 
1) Evidence does NOT establish a clear pattern OR CAUSE for the cases.

2) Additional reports do NOT necessarily indicate an increase in frequency or prevalence of seizures among people who vape.

3) Very few cases considering 10 YEAR time span.

You can read the reports here:

Self-reports include cases of fainting/blackouts (not actual seizures) and at least one case was taking FDA-approved tramadol (an opioid) that listed her “vaping-related” symptoms as known side effects.

FDA seeks reports related to seizures following e-cigarette use

CHAMBLEE, GEORGIA: (UPDATE) City bans smoking AND VAPING anywhere OUTDOORS that the public congregates. NO EVIDENCE of harm to bystanders from vapor indoors let alone OUTSIDE. The more places smoking is banned, the more places vaping will also be banned!

Chamblee passes smoking ban

WHAT TO KNOW: (Teen hospitalizations)

1) Possibly spice/other street drug/adulterated Tetrahydrocannabinol oil.

2) Some teens admitted using Tetrahydrocannabinol.

3) Synthetic cannabinoids have caused many outbreaks with similar pattern.

4) No other outbreaks related to vaping.

Is the Wisconsin Lung Disease Outbreak Really About Vaping? – Vaping360

COMMENTARY: (Michael McGrady) Understanding Nicotine, Stigma, and Public Health’s Use of Scare Tactics

“…members of the general public still view nicotine with a perception that it is deadly, cancer-causing and sinful. Much of this sentiment is owed to the stigmatization campaigns public health groups have used for years…”

WHAT TO KNOW: (Collapsed lung) 

1) “Black spots” are air blisters (blebs) that can rupture (pneumothorax.)

2) Experts at Chest Medicine Clinic (CA) see 3-5 patients a week w/condition. About 50% are tall, thin, healthy young men.

3) Common in teens and 20s.

4) A 2013 case of pneumothorax, completely unrelated to vaping, but sounds nearly identical to the current case being attributed to vaping: Tall, thin young man? You could suffer from a collapsed lung

Teen’s lung collapses after vaping