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Heads Up – News – Updates 8.12.2019

Call to Action public use ban Cheyenne, Wyoming. Wisconsin health official lies about vaping harm to justify use ban. Minnesota town rejects Tobacco/Vapor 21. What Advocates Should Know about the new gateway study.

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CHEYENNE, WYOMING: (CALL TO ACTON!) Second reading TONIGHT to redefine vaping as smoking, without any evidence of harm to bystanders, and denying business owners right to allow vaping in own property. Tell city council that laws MUST be EVIDENCE-BASED!

WY – Cheyenne – Stop an Indoor Vaping Ban!


NEENAH, WISCONSIN: (UPDATE) City treats vaping same as smoking with NO vape shop exemption, citing health risk to (likely already vaping) employees. Winnebago Co Health Dept spokesperson blatantly LIES to public: “It’s not safer than cigarettes.”

Neenah adds vaping to its smoking ordinance

MOUND, MINNESOTA: (Tobacco/Vapor 21 UPDATE) “Council member Paula Larson made it clear she hates cigarettes during the council meeting, but said what is more terrifying is having the government tell people what they’re supposed to do with their health.”

Mound City Council will consider ordinance that would keep minimum age to buy tobacco at 18


1) Association doesn’t prove causation. There’s no way to know that person wouldn’t have used a drug in the absence of vaping products. Indeed, many youth used drugs before vaping ever existed. Additionally, those already at risk of substance abuse are likely to start with legal substances before crossing the line to criminal behavior.

2) Cross-sectional studies included drug use PRIOR to vaping and those clearly aren’t a case of vaping as the gateway to drug use.

3) Just one puff of drug counted subject as “user,” even if never used again.This clearly could have inflated the statistics of “users.”

4) Gateway theories have never been proven and claims are highly controversial.

Vaping linked to ……… use in young people, research says

Link to study: Association Between Electronic Cigarette Use and ……… Use Among Adolescents and Young Adults