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Heads Up – News – Updates 9.11.2019

Call to Action in Michigan for flavor ban. Federal Call to Action for ALL members. Vape Vlogger Grimm Green interviews CASAA CEO Alex Clark. Policy Commentary by Christopher Snowden. President Trump steps in it – the debate over vaping, that is – and CASAA responds.

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MICHIGAN: (URGENT CALL TO ACTION!) Flavor ban talking points & email form for House Committee on Oversight PUBLIC HEARING TOMORROW! It is vital that consumers’ voices are heard. Even if you do not plan to speak your presence is important!

MI – Tell the House Oversight Committee Why Prohibition is Bad for Public Health!

FEDERAL: (ALL MEMBER CALL TO ACTION!) Take action NOW by sending a message to your federal lawmakers urging them to REJECT anti-vaping legislation and prevent a massive underground market from taking the place of our current legal, regulated marketplace!

We will start delivering your messages one week from now to coincide with a lobby day organized by the Vapor Technology Association.

Vaping Prohibition is On the Table in Congress!


ADVOCACY: (VIDEO) Who is CASAA? What do they do? What’s happening around the US? Is vaping legislation & advocacy complete and total anarchy?? Thank you to YouTube vlogger and vaping advocate Grimm Green and his viewers for generously taking the time to find out with CASAA CEO Alex Clark!

If you have the same questions, watch this video!


POLICY COMMENTARY: (Christopher Snowdon) Dispersing the clouds of the vape panic myth–Illicit THC products are the problem

“Dozens of people, mainly young men, have been hospitalized after vaping in recent weeks. That is not a lie, but nor is it the whole truth. They were vaping unregulated street drugs. The forces lined up against e-cigarettes in the USA — and they are legion — have done all they can to obscure this fact.”

ADVOCACY: If you are on Twitter, tell @realDonaldTrump that flavored vapor products have NOTHING to do with recent lung hospitalizations. Those are linked to illegal THC “street vapes,” not retail nicotine products. Banning flavors will force MILLIONS of adult FORMER smokers back to smoking! #IVapeIVote

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (CASAA) Trump Administration’s Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes Does More Harm

“Flavors play a critical role in helping people transition away from combustible tobacco products. Prohibiting them means that millions of people who vape are at higher risk of returning to smoking or seeking products through other means. Meanwhile, young people will still try risky behaviors–including cannabis, alcohol, sex, texting while driving, and nicotine products. By destroying the legal, regulated retail environment, the Trump Administration will be sending millions of consumers, regardless of age, to a marketplace in the shadows–away from the oversight of regulators, law enforcement, and parents.”

Trump Administration’s Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes Does More Harm – CASAA