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Heads Up – News – Updates 9.13.2019

Heads Up! for Connecticut. Advocates, including CASAA director Jim McDonald, speak at Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing (VIDEO). CASAA members’ trouble with Trump. Latest youth tobacco/vaping survey shows smoking down to 5.8%. Commentaries and opinions in media oppose flavor bans.

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IN THE NEWS: President Trump supported FDA taking “strong action” against the vapor product industry on Wednesday as HHS Secretary Azar announces “all flavored e-cigarettes other than tobacco flavor would have to be removed from the market.

CASAA members immediately sent opposition tweets to the President


then answered a Call to Action (National Call to Action – Light up the White House Switchboard) on Thursday to swamp the White House switchboard with messages. Members reported busy lines and irritated operators. Eventually, callers were being hung up on or immediately switched to a message line. Members were taking action!

On Friday, the President sent a tweet that seemed to soften his stance:


While CASAA found the President’s tweet encouraging, we urge advocates to keep making calls and tweeting the President, specifically about how flavors are important to them, and continue to do the national Call to Action to federal lawmakers: Vaping Prohibition is On the Table in Congress!

RESEARCH: Preliminary data shows youth smoking DOWN to 5.8%, once again shattering claims that youth vaping leads to smoking. Vaping “even one puff in past 30 days” now at 27.5% – which is not a surprise with all of the anti-vaping orgs telling youth how “tasty and easy to hide” they are.


PUBLIC HEALTH: This is TRUE public health advocacy. Vaper-turned-small business owner Mark Slis giving powerful testimony at the Michigan hearing.

“Helping these customers to save their own lives has been the most rewarding experience of my life.”


ADVOCACY: CASAA Board Director Jim McDonald’s Testimony, at the Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing, discussing Governor Whitmer’s proposed Executive Order for a statewide flavor ban.


CONNECTICUT: (HEADS UP!) Officials are calling for a ban on nicotine vapor products after six deaths were believed to be linked to vaping products sold on the street and black market containing THC and oils. Officials choosing to ignore the discrepancy.

State leaders call for ban on vaping, e-cigarette products

POLICY COMMENTARY: (National Review) FDA plan to ban e-cigarette flavors is an affront to personal freedom

“The administration has decided that if some teens are going to illegally vape liquids with names like Fruity Hoops, well then, no one can. ”

Vaping: FDA Plan to Ban E-Cigarette Flavorings Is Affront to Freedom | National Review

OPINION: (Wall Street Journal)

A Vaping Ban Will Send Smokers Back to the Pack–Banning safe e-cigarette products could reverse the decade long decline in smoking rates.

Opinion | A Vaping Ban Will Send Smokers Back to the Pack

IN THE NEWS: Banning flavored e-cigarettes might cost Trump reelection–2020 wouldn’t be the first time that vapers organized to support or defeat a candidate for elective office.

Banning flavored e-cigarettes might cost Trump reelection

MICHIGAN LEGISLATURE: In case you missed it live, here are links to recordings of Thusdays’s Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing discussing Governor Whitmer’s ExecutiveOrder banning flavored vapormproducts.

Michigan House TV

Michigan House TV