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Heads Up Alert for New Hampshire, Oregon, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

(via CASAA Twitter @CASAAMedia)

Heads up alert for New Hampshire and Oregon! TWO more examples of ANTZ vape junk science. CASAA supports small vape businesses (and therefore, vaping consumers) in letter to FDA. CASAA’s 12,657th testimonial is another “accidental quitter.” Add YOUR story!

NEW HAMPSHIRE: (HEADS UP!) ANTZ are building public support for bans and taxes with media misinformation at local the level. This one is filled with several blatant LIES about vaping (“No throat hit leads to nicotine overdose!”) and risks (“EVALI!”)

OREGON: (REMINDER!) Measure 108 imposes a 65% wholesale tax on vaping, significantly increasing the cost of quitting smoking. Sin taxes have NOT prevented bans, so it’s not “better than a ban.” Be sure to vote and tell your friends and family to VOTE NO!,_Tobacco_and_E-Cigarette_Tax_Increase_for_Health_Programs_Measure_(2020)#Text_of_measure

VAPE JUNK SCIENCE: Smoking isn’t even conclusively linked, but authors still report (note liberal use of “could, may, might, possible”) link between vaping and breast cancer. A) Humans aren’t mice. B) Results “suggestive but NOT conclusive.” C) #QuitLying

CASAA IN ACTION: In case you missed it, CASAA joined forces with 14 other organizations and sent a letter on Sept.1st asking the commissioner to allow small vape companies to request deferral of PTMA enforcement. Here is a link to that letter.

Premarket Tobacco Authorization Coalition Letter

ANTZ JUNK SCIENCE: Although nicotine vaping IS PROVEN SAFER and not a risk to bystanders, researchers recommend using scary words to mislead the public into believing otherwise. Ironically, “aerosols” also describes fog, mist, dust and steam. #QuitLying

CASAA TESTIMONIAL: Michelle (our 12,657th vaping testimonial!) was yet another “accidental quitter!”

Read her story here:

If you haven’t yet, be sure add YOUR story to the largest collection of vaping testimonials in the world at