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Don’t Miss the Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

(via CASAA Twitter @CASAAMedia)

Don’t miss the 11th Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum! Great R Street commentary on Florida flavor ban veto. Fridley, MN makes cigarettes easier to buy than safer alternatives. Remember to vote and get your “I Vape I Vote” CASAA gear!

CASAA IN ACTION: Don’t miss CEO Alex Clark & the many harm reduction experts on Day 2 of the 11th Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum! Keynote starts at 9:45 AM EST on Tuesday, September 22nd. CASAA members, check your emails for a special invite to attend at no charge!

FRIDLEY, MN: (UPDATE) Low risk vaping/smoke-free products in non-tobacco flavors are now restricted to 21+ stores. Although better than a full ban, it still makes harmful products much easier to get than safer alternatives, especially in low income areas without 21+ stores.

COMMENTARY: “DeSantis did the right thing by using his power of veto and more governors should follow his lead. In the coming months, we will see an actual real-time experiment between California—who banned flavored tobacco products last month—and Florida who decided to err on the side of personal choice, individual liberty, reduction in crime and harm reduction practices.”

TAKING ACTION: Let lawmakers know that their actions have consequences by VOTING this November. Show where you stand with CASAA’s “I Vape I Vote” apparel and accessories! (Also check out the USA flag version for your state!)