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Lack of Evidence-Based Information Continues to Plague Vape Legislation, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News


The CDC’s lack of evidence-based information on the US-based outbreak of lung injuries in 2019 continues to reverberate worldwide. The CDC falsely implicated nicotine vapor products, and inaccurately named the outbreak “EVALI,” despite many sources accurately pointing to tainted, illicit THC products as the source of the outbreak.

Kentucky // UPDATE

Vaping “sin” tax goes into effect this week, making low risk alternatives to smoking more expensive for the adults who rely on the products. Such taxes confuse the public about risk differences, are not using evidence-based information, and are shown to INCREASE smoking rates.

US: New E-Cigarette Tax Takes Effect in The State of Kentucky


If you haven’t checked out what’s been happening at the 2020 Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum, it’s not too late to register and catch up with the replays. CASAA members-check your CASAA email to see how you can register free!

Michelle Minton // COMMENTARY

Cannabis use is no longer deemed socially unacceptable. But nicotine, thanks to its association with smoking, has only become more stigmatized and no amount of proof will change the minds of those morally opposed to its use. Anti-vaping activists will continue to pursue bans and outright prohibition of these products, no matter how safe the science says they are or how many people will die as a result.”

The Double Standard for Nicotine and Cannabis

Australia // NEWS

From 2008-2018, adult smoking declined from 18.9% to 13.8%. Clearly, rising vaping rates have NOT led to increased smoking. In fact, data shows many young adults replaced ever smoking for vaping. So…regulators make smoking easier than vaping?

Oops, make that “regulators make smoking the ONLY option” for adults who cannot or will not quit nicotine, as vaping legally would be impossible “with many doctors refusing to support” vaping, seemingly ignorant that SMOKE is 99.9% of risk, not nicotine. Another astounding choice devoid of evidence-based information and logic.

Washington // NEWS

Ninth grader is “working on a flavor vape ban that bans vape juice, flavored vape juice, such as like cotton candy gummy bears,” despite the fact that the sale of ALL vaping products to her and other “kids” under age 21 is already banned.