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If Their Lips Are Moving (About Vaping) and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

If their lips are moving (about vaping.) Real world vaping study. Flavors help with quitting. Cause or effect of plain packaging. FDA loses cigars. Be careful what you wish for. Bad bans bad. The “truth” about health disparities and more!

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RESEARCH // Cause or Effect of Plain Packaging

It’s good to see the negative consequences of policies being considered, but maybe they should also consider the possibility it’s not the plain packaging that reduced the appeal of vaping among the youth, but the misperception that they’re more harmful.🤔

READ MORE: Impact of e-liquid packaging on vaping product perceptions among youth in England, Canada, and the United States; a randomised online experiment

RESEARCH // Be Careful What You Wish For

Instead of studying WHY (or WHAT) youth and young adults vape, researchers JUMP BLINDLY into trying to STOP “this alarming trend among North Carolinians.” Maybe they should first find out if it’s actually PREVENTING people from starting deadly smoking? 🤔

READ MORE: Carolina receives contract to study e-cigarette use

RESEARCH // Flavors Help With Quitting

“Less than a third of [subjects] in our study wanted something that tasted like tobacco.” Banning non-tobacco flavors, as some jurisdictions have done, “would only leave products that taste similar to cigarettes, and based on our study many smokers don’t want that reminder.”

READ MORE: Flavor Advice Boosts Chances of Switching From Cigarettes to Vapes

RESEARCH // Burying the Lead

The headlines ignore the fact that the “vaping” risks essentially disappeared when the subjects weren’t ALSO SMOKING. Additionally, while researchers accounted for current smoking, the abstract doesn’t account for FORMER SMOKING as an obvious factor.

READ MORE: Young people are at risk of harsh respiratory problems after 30 days of e-cigarette use, study says

RESEARCH // Just a Bit Ridiculous

Researchers theorize “lower gray matter” in the brain could lead to smoking and other “risky” behavior, yet teen smoking rates have reached record lows. Does that mean fewer teens have “lower gray matter” or that their theory is just a bit…ridiculous?

READ MORE: Reduced grey matter in frontal lobes linked to teenage smoking and nicotine addiction

RESEARCH // Vaping in the Real World

Results of a study funded by the National Cancer Institute “suggest that unguided e-cigarette use also leads to smoking cessation;” providing more “real-world” evidence that people DO successfully quit smoking on their own with the help of vapor products.

READ MORE: Effect of unguided e-cigarette provision on uptake, use, and smoking cessation among adults who smoke in the USA: a naturalistic, randomised, controlled clinical trial

RESEARCH // More CVD Patients Choosing Vaping

Despite discovering only a TINY number of CVD patients who vape never smoked, and smoking has been declining among CVD patients because many are now choosing low risk vaping, the researcher says the “trend” of vaping in these groups is “not optimistic.”🤦‍♂️

READ MORE: E-Cigarette Use on the Rise in US Adults With CVD

RESEARCH // Missing the Point

The latest Gallup poll found that smoking has ticked up after making yearly declines – mostly since vaping took off. Maybe that’s because 54% of the public now wrongly believes vaping is “very harmful,” so they’re afraid to make the switch? Then the authors helpfully suggest that “public health experts may want to make sure young adults get that message, too.”

READ MORE: U.S. Cigarette Smoking Rate Steady Near Historical Low


I think the goal, if we want to fight tobacco-related mortality, is to get people to stop smoking cigarettes because cigarettes actually kill people.

I can tell you how we are not achieving this … overregulating products that have a serious potential to take market share away from cigarettes. Nicotine pouches, Swedish snus and e-cigarettes are examples of this.”

~ Sara Skyttedal, Member of the European Parliament

READ MORE: Sweden’s ultra-low smoking rate*


As former law enforcement, one would think he of all people would understand how the dangers of prohibition can outweigh the “dangers” of the prohibited product – as those pointed out in this article. In fact, an old tweet shows that he once did. What happened to THAT Mayor Eric Adams?

READ MORE: NYC fights illegal flavored vapes: Using lawsuits to go after purveyors targeting kids

TOBACCO CONTROL // The ‘Truth’ About Health Disparities

Another misleading article from Truth Initiative. What they don’t say is:

👉 Health disparities exist for African Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, LBGTQI+, women & people with mental illness even without smoking.

👉 There’s no evidence people in these groups wouldn’t have smoked in the absence of menthol.

Also, note what’s NOT mentioned on this CDC page about Health Equity/Disparities.

READ MORE: Why ending menthol cigarette sales would benefit disproportionally affected groups

TOBACCO CONTROL // If Their Lips Are Moving About Vaping

“When asked why they use tobacco, young people consistently say it is because they like the flavors.”


“If you ask a teacher at a local middle or high school, they will tell you that e-cigarette use has led to disruptive behavior in their classrooms and an increase in mental health issues for their students.”


“The escalating use of electronic smoking devices, commonly known as ‘vapes,’ has led to a significant rise in youth nicotine addiction.”


“These devices have been linked to severe lung disease, potential harm to brain development and acute nicotine poisoning.”



READ MORE: Council floats ‘trigger ban’ on flavored tobacco

TOBACCO CONTROL // Deceiving the Public

Senator Blumenthal has either been misinformed or he is willfully deceiving the public.

According to CDC statistics, not only has the number of teens vaping DECLINED dramatically in the past few years, so has teen smoking and overall teen tobacco use. There is no “vaping & nicotine epidemic.”


FDA // Cigars For The Win

“In a stinging rebuke to the FDA, a federal judge ruled that the agency cannot regulate premium cigars under the plan laid out in its 2016 Deeming Rule. Judge Amit Mehta said the agency ignored scientific evidence when it created the rule.”

CASAA director Jim McDonald reporting for Vaping360.

READ MORE: Federal Judge Hammers FDA in Premium Cigar Decision

FDA // He Still Doesn’t Get It

FDA’s Center of Tobacco Products Director Brian King showing he still has no clue about what motivates adult consumers of low risk nicotine products.👇

“Because no tobacco product is safe, the eventual goal should be quitting all tobacco product use, including e-cigarettes.”

READ MORE: CTP Director Discusses Opportunities and Considerations for Addressing Misperceptions About the Relative Risks of Tobacco Products Among Adults Who Smoke

TESTIMONIALS // Real people. Real Stories.

“Anecdote” #13,525:

Successfully switched to vaping, DB can now look forward to the day his young son graduates from college. Kids need their parents and vaping is helping millions of them to live longer.

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