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Vaping Is Safer (Even For Mice and Pregnant Women) and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Studies find vaping is safer than smoking (for mice and pregnant women.) Tobacco control expert stunned that doctors are still lying about vaping. UK professor calls out anti-vaping claims. Media sensationalizes nicotine poisoning cases. WHO is railroading COP10 delegates. Illinois sending the wrong message and more!

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RESEARCH // Vaping Is Safer (Even For Mice)

Compared with cigarette smoke, e-cigarettes “had significantly fewer negative effects on most of the indicators which focused on in this study.”

And in some cases, vaping was comparable to the control group.

SAFER than smoking. (At least for mice.)

READ MORE: The toxic effects of electronic cigarette aerosol and cigarette smoke on cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and renal systems in mice

RESEARCH // Vaping Safer (and More Effective) for Pregnant Women

“Half of the women received e-cigarettes; the other half received nicotine patches. Both approaches were equally safe. The only meaningful difference was that fewer women in the e-cigarette group had children with low birthweight.”

“At the end of their pregnancy, women reported whether they had quit. However, some women had quit smoking using a product they were not assigned, mostly women given patches, who stopped with the help of e-cigarettes they had procured for themselves.”

READ MORE: E-cigarettes may be better than nicotine patches to help pregnant women stop smoking, reduce the risk of low birthweight

COMMENTARY // Doctors Lying About Vaping

Never did I imagine that in 2023, I would still be writing blog posts about physicians lying to the public by telling them that smoking is no more hazardous than vaping. Nor did I imagine that I would still be writing blog posts about physicians and medical groups discouraging smokers from quitting smoking by switching to e-cigarettes, even though it has been proven to be the most effective strategy for smoking cessation…and data show that more than 4 million ex-smokers in the U.S. quit smoking successfully by switching completely to vaping.”

~ Dr. Michael Siegel

READ MORE: University of Maryland Doctor Tells Public He’s Not Sure Smoking is Any More Hazardous than Vaping

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Vaping Risks A “Fraction” of Smoking

“Anxiety over youth vaping is obscuring the fact that switching from smoking to vaping will be much better for an individual’s health.

It is wrong to say we have no idea what the future risks from vaping will be. On the contrary, levels of exposure to cancer-causing and other toxicants are drastically lower in people who vape compared with those who smoke, which indicates that any risks to health are likely to be a fraction of those posed by smoking.”
~ Professor Ann McNeill, King’s College London

She added that more regulation is needed over children and vaping “but so too is work to ensure many more adults stop smoking”.

READ MORE: More than 40% of smokers think vaping is more harmful than cigarettes

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Watch: Denmark’s “Vaping Evangelist” Tells His Story

“One part of his story has always stuck with me. Kim had gotten used to spending a lot of time shut up in his office, the one designated smoking space in his home. Smoking can isolate a person from friends and family who disapprove or don’t want to be exposed to secondhand smoke.

When he quit cigarettes thanks to vapes, he realized, “My children got their father back and my wife got her husband back.”

READ MORE: Denmark’s “Vaping Evangelist” Tells His Story

MEDIA MISINFORMATION // Sensationalizing Nicotine “Poisoning” Data

This sensationalist article – and the many other news outlets that followed suit – fails to mention that just 0.6% (n=43) of the “thousands” of e-cig exposures even resulted in a hospital admission, with only 11 having a “major effect” but ultimately fully recovering.

As a comparison, 2021 saw 51,048 alcoholic beverage exposures with 114 deaths and 5,366 e-cig exposures with 1 death (which was suspected to be self-inflicted.)

READ MORE: Child nicotine poisonings rise as e-cig sales surge

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION // Dishonest Railroading

The WHO’s 9th “report on the tobacco epidemic” has also just been published. It’s funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, which bankrolls global tobacco control efforts to restrict or ban alternative nicotine products….


The WHO has also moved aggressively to cut the chances of COP10 parties being swayed by evidence-based opposition to a crackdown on harm reduction….


There appears to be no room for objective evaluation of the science in advance of COP10. Instead, the WHO is dishonestly railroading delegates toward a preordained outcome of heavy restrictions and prohibition…”
~ Martin Cullip

READ MORE: The WHO’s COP10 Takedown of Tobacco Harm Reduction Takes Shape

TOBACCO CONTROL // Indoor Bans Send Adults the Wrong Message

“E-cigarettes pose a significant health risk,” said IDPH Director Dr. Sameer Vohra. “I applaud Governor Pritzker and the legislative sponsors for taking action to protect Illinoisans from the effects of second hand e-cigarette aerosol and other by-products. E-cigarettes can cause lung damage and addiction to nicotine. Banning indoor use of these devices sends a strong message that e-cigarettes are not a safe alternative to smoking.”

The fact that lawmakers can’t see how that’s a very bad message to be sending to adults who smoke shows how little they care about adults who smoke.

READ MORE: Gov. Pritzker signs bill banning e-cigarette use inside public spaces

TOBACCO CONTROL // Changing the Game Plan

Truth’s own website says it was born of the Master Settlement Agreement, which “sought billions of dollars in costs associated with treating SMOKING-related illnesses.”

In 2014 Truth was celebrating the END OF SMOKING.

Maybe that’s why they’ve changed their “endgame” goals?🤔🤷‍♀️

TOBACCO CONTROL // Bans Don’t Work

“The case highlights the need for more robust methods to combat such crimes.”

Or maybe it highlights the fact that A) bans don’t work, B) some adults really want that safer form of tobacco, and C) they’re fed up with being punished by greedy governments for that?



READ MORE: Finnish Customs busts massive snus smuggling operation from Sweden

TOBACCO CONTROL // Stopping That Smoking Decline

Smoking in Quebec was at 15.6% in 2006 and again at 15.6% in 2013. Declines had clearly flatlined. Then smoking started dropping dramatically, first to 14.3% in 2015 (just around the time vaping mainstreamed🤔) then to 11.8% by 2020.

So Quebec thought it was somehow logical to…ban the appealing flavored vapor products that help people quit smoking.🤦‍♂️

READ MORE: Quebec Flavor Ban Will Begin October 31st

TESTIMONIALS // Real people. Real Stories.

“Anecdote” #13,525:

Successfully switched to vaping, DB can now look forward to the day his young son graduates from college. Kids need their parents and vaping is helping millions of them to live longer.

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