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TikTok Doc Misunderstands Vaper’s Tongue and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

TikTok Doc misunderstands vaper’s tongue. Dual use double standard. Tales of two vaping study retractions. Lawmakers worry about black market menthol. The problem with Chevron and more!

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The Legislature adjourned Wednesday without a decision on the bill, effectively tabling the proposal until the next legislative session that starts in January.

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MEDIA MISINFORMATION // TikTok Doc Misunderstands Vaper’s Tongue

Unable to find any other scary vaping stories, the Daily Mail scoured TikTok and found a dentist who wrongly thinks “vaper’s tongue” means losing the ability to taste food. The UK news rag breathlessly headlined their sensationalized story with: “E-cigarettes are causing new health condition dubbed ‘vape tongue’ that causes users to lose their taste and be constantly thirsty, doctors warn.” The New York Post also quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

Read more about what vaper’s tongue really is:

Vaper’s Tongue and 9 Ways to Solve It

REGULATION // Bans Still Don’t Work

“While the primary threat from Mexican TCOs come from trafficking in illicit drugs, these organizations have diversified their activities in response to changing conditions. As it has become easier to sell marijuana products in the U.S., Mexican TCOs have prioritized trafficking fentanyl and other synthetic drugs that are cheaper to manufacture, easier to transport, and generate more profit.”

TL/DR: Drug bans clearly don’t work, so why does FDA believe tobacco product bans will be any different?

READ MORE: Ranking Member Cassidy, Colleagues Sound Alarm on Mexican Cartel Exploitation of Illegal Tobacco Amid New Biden Regulations

RESEARCH // Dual Use Double Standard

Some people smoke and use a nicotine patch.

Some people smoke and use nicotine gum.

Some people smoke and use nicotine lozenges.

Some people smoke and use nicotine vapor products.

Why do they always act so shocked and concerned only about the last one?

READ MORE: Vaping was marketed as an avenue to quit smoking cigarettes. But some smokers are now just doing both, CDC study finds.

RESEARCH // Another Bad Vaping Study Retracted

Remember that study last year claiming to link vaping with liver disease? The one that based the conclusion on a survey that only asked one question about vaping: “Have you EVER used an e-cigarette?”

Add that one to the growing list of retracted studies.

READ MORE: Journal Retracts Study That Linked Vaping to Liver Disease

RESEARCH // Dogma Isn’t Science

READ MORE: Exclusive: Public health journal says it will retract vaping paper for questions authors say were addressed in peer review

FDA // The Problem With Chevron

“Many of the companies denied marketing authorization by the FDA have taken the agency to court, challenging its authority to issue those “cookie-cutter MDOs.” But most of them have encountered judges unwilling to reverse the agency, often due to Chevron. The result: not a single non-tobacco-flavored vaping product has been authorized, even though the FDA has never created a rule prohibiting non-tobacco flavors.”

CASAA director Jim McDonald reporting for Vaping360.

READ MORE: Vape Businesses File Supreme Court Amicus Brief Opposing Chevron

FDA // Cutting-Edge Regulation

“Despite the agency’s claim it uses cutting-edge enforcement tools, it appears the FDA is simply doing Google searches to find websites that offer the brands the FDA is most concerned with.”

CASAA director Jim McDonald reporting for Vaping360.

READ MORE: FDA Plans to Kill Disposable Vapes One Warning Letter at a Time

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