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Young Adults Choosing Vaping Over Smoking and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Young adults choosing vaping over smoking. Study finds vaping is likely safer than smoking for the heart. American Heart Association doubles down on anti-vaping. Questioning FDA strategy. Truth Initiative says “we” don’t need/want vaping. JUUL submits new device to FDA. Call to Action and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Maine Flavor Ban
Other statewide flavor bans are “on hold” because the state legislatures are out of session, but Maine is still in session until September. LD 1215 could still pass this session.

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Young Adults Choose Vaping Over Smoking

This article has a negative spin on what should be considered good news!

Young adults vape more and smoke less than older adults, PLUS they’re vaping at a far lower rate than they smoked a decade  ago (11% vape today vs 23.4% smoking in 2003).

The next generation is REPLACING high risk smoking with low risk vaping and it’s delusional to think they wouldn’t otherwise be smoking without access to vapor products.

READ MORE: Over 1 in 10 young adults regularly use e-cigarettes, CDC report says

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Time to Change the Way We Look at Youth Vaping

“Underage vaping continues to dominate discourse and drive public policy. Daily, alarmist media headlines feed the anxieties of parents, teachers and public health officials and have created a full-blown moral panic. However, the fear of youth vaping greatly exceeds the objective threat it poses—and benefits are almost universally overlooked.”

~Dr. Colin Mendelsohn

READ MORE: It’s Time to Change the Way We Look at Youth Vaping

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // An Integrated Approach

“It’s time to get over our instinct to tell people to “just quit” whatever they’re doing, which too often really means—whether we intend it to or not—“serves you right” or “quit or die.” Together, we can change the conversation and urge policymakers to give people access to information and tools that can improve and save their lives.”

~ Jessica Shortall

READ MORE: Harm Reduction Belongs Everywhere

RESEARCH // Smoking vs Vaping Effects on the Heart

In layman’s terms: those who switched to vaping had a SIGNIFICANTLY lower adverse result (40% & 50%) than those who smoked (110% & 100%) compared to never-users & previous smoking was a factor for the vapers. While the article attempts to downplay the adverse results from vaping as only being “to a lesser extent” than smoking, they cannot hide the fact that the difference is actually quite significant. This is compelling “harm reduction” potential!

Additionally, vapers who had never smoked had significantly lower adverse results than vapers who had previously smoked, suggesting that it was likely the previous smoking (and not the current vaping) that caused the higher adverse results.

Ironically, just as this study was published, the American Heart Association doubled down on its insistence that vaping was linked to heart disease in a new report.

READ MORE: Early atherogenic signals identified in young smokers and e-cigarette users

TOBACCO CONTROL // American Heart Association’s Anti-Vaping Report

Contrary to the headline, this report fails to identify any “confirmed” health risks. It’s just a regurgitation of poorly-designed/biased studies that have largely been debunked, plus the typical rhetoric, misinformation and complete omission of the BENEFITS of harm reduction.

READ MORE: Current evidence identifies health risks of e-cigarette use; long-term research needed

TOBACCO CONTROL // Truth Initiative Thinks It Speaks for Vapers


“We don’t need these products. We don’t want to use these products.”

~ Stacy Gogosian, Truth Initiative


No. You don’t get to speak for the millions of us who DO need and want these products.

What else will “we” not need or want once nicotine is gone? Alcohol? Cannabis? CBD?

READ MORE: Nicotine Prohibition Is the Goal of Truth Initiative’s “Gamechanger”

FDA // Questioning the Strategy

“There hasn’t been a new smoking cessation tool approved in 17 years. And though FDA has stated that e-cigs are a less-harmful alternative for adult smokers, marketing denial orders for menthol vapes show that the agency has a standard that some see as impossibly high.”

~ Katherine Foley

READ MORE: Experts say the Biden administration could blow its biggest chance to get smokers to quit

FDA // “Progress” on Reagan-Udall Report

In summary, nothing changed. The FDA is on track to destroy the independent US vapor product market, effectively handing it over to the tobacco industry, while deadly combustible cigarettes will keep being sold – just with no menthol & far less nicotine.

READ MORE: FDA Provides Update on Reagan-Udall Tobacco Panel

INDUSTRY NEWS // JUUL Submits New Device to FDA

“The device has Bluetooth capability and a mobile- and web-based application that allows age verification and device locking, and prevents the use of third-party “compatible” Juul pods….

Based on the FDA’s track record reviewing and making decisions on PMTA submissions, Juul can expect at least a two-year wait before the agency makes an initial determination as to whether the new device is “appropriate for the protection of public health”—and possibly years of legal wrangling after that.”

CASAA director Jim McDonald reporting for Vaping360.

READ MORE: Juul Labs Submits PMTA for 2G JUUL Device

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