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Study Finds Vaping More Effective Than NRT and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Study finds vaping more effective than NRT. A fundamentally insane situation. Calmer, safer jails? Sweden proves harm reduction is better than prohibition. Health experts file amicus brief in Supreme Court. Call to Action and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Maine Flavor Ban!

LD 1215 would put many adult lives back at risk by banning tobacco and nicotine products in any flavor (even “cooling”) other than “tobacco.”

A second hearing was held on May 18th!

READ MORE: Maine – Stop a Flavor Ban!

RESEARCH // Vaping More Effective Than NRT

Researchers found that “among individuals attempting to quit smoking, nicotine e-cigarettes are more efficacious than conventional nicotine replacement or behavioral smoking cessation therapies, and may prove beneficial in reducing smoking-related health risks.”

READ MORE: Efficacy and Safety of E-Cigarette Use for Smoking Cessation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

COMMENTARY // A Fundamentally Insane Situation

I was in the US recently, at a petrol station, with someone trying to buy a Juul vape. No luck, the guy behind the counter said. They’ve been effectively banned. And behind him, in all its boisterous colourful packaging, was a wall of cigarettes, all available for sale, all perfectly legal. That is a completely and fundamentally insane situation, one which bears no evidence of logic whatsoever.”

~ Ian Dunt

READ MORE: Glastonbury telling people not to bring disposable vapes will do so much more harm than good

COMMENTARY // A Wealth of Knowledge About Nicotine

Despite the Nature article’s complaint that “the lack of knowledge about whether nicotine contributes to the damaging health effects of smoking is becoming more worrying,” there is a wealth of knowledge supporting the finding that the effects of nicotine on health are minimal to nonexistent.”

~ Dr. Brad Rodu

READ MORE: Nature Nurtures Nicotine Nonsense

ADVOCACY // Gerry Stimson at GFN

Watch Gerry Stimson’s pre-conference submission, which takes aim at exclusionary and targeted anti-vaping attacks from eminent researchers and tobacco control.

HARM REDUCTION // Calmer, Safer Jails?

“Calmed them down a lot. And…I talked to the [Crane County] captain…and he said it will calm them down and it has. The officer said, you know, that they’re a lot calmer now.”

Vaping helps create calmer, safer jails that contribute funding for their own budgets. Win-win.

READ MORE: Ector County jail sells over $19,000 in e-cigarettes in just one month

HARM REDUCTION // Better Than Prohibition

Sweden is 17 years ahead of the EU’s 2040 target for becoming “smoke-free.” How did this happen? People instead use far safer alternatives like snus, proving harm reduction works better than prohibition.

READ MORE: Sweden close to becoming first “smoke free” country in Europe as daily cigarette use dwindles

FDA // Health Experts File Supreme Court Amicus Brief

Several public health experts have filed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in support of Avail Vapor. Avail is challenging the decision by the FDA to deny the company marketing authorization. The brief is an excellent source of information regarding the importance of flavors, regulation vs prohibition, using an evidenced-based approach to regulation and warns of the potential negative consequences should the FDA continue on its current regulatory path.

READ MORE: Amicus Brief: Avail vs FDA (PDF)

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