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Vaping Helps Those With Schizophrenia and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Studying how vaping helps people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Why we started vaping. Researchers use TV shows to lie to teens. UK media outlet celebrates smoking comeback. Rising hysteria over nicotine levels. Child safety tip. Calls to Action and more!

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CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Maine Flavor Ban!

LD 1215 would put many adult lives back at risk by banning tobacco and nicotine products in any flavor (even “cooling”) other than “tobacco.”

The state Senate passed the flavor ban on by a narrow vote of 18-16 on June 21st. It now moves on to the state House. In an unexpected turn of events, several Democrats crossed party lines to vote against the bill, so there is a chance this can still be stopped. Take action now!

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CALL TO ACTION // Ohio Flavor Ban!

HB33 is an all-out FLAVOR BAN added to the appropriations bill at the last minute, backed by a cigarette company that apparently just wants to eliminate competition. Contact your representatives and urge them to reject this ban!


TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Schizophrenia and Vaping Documentary

“People with schizophrenia die not from schizophrenia, but from smoking. People with schizophrenia can improve their quality of life and there is a solution.”

~ Dr. Pasquale Caponetto, clinical psychologist at the University of Catania

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CEO Alex Clark telling the story of why he started vaping.

CASAA Live is now on a summer hiatus, but we’ll be back in September!

Watch the full episode to hear more stories and learn about the CASAA Testimonial Project:


RESEARCH // TV Shows and Vaping

Researchers used clips from popular TV medical shows featuring adolescent patients with EVALI – a condition caused by tainted, illicit THC vapes NOT nicotine e-cigarettes. Ironically, the students already knew the term “vaping” but were not familiar with the term “e-cigarette.” Thanks to this experiment, these students will now wrongly believe nicotine e-cigarettes cause  EVALI.

READ MORE: Using ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to Warn Teens Away From Vaping

NEWS MEDIA // Celebrating Smoking ‘Comeback’

After publishing numerous sensationalized, exaggerated and nearly always one-sided anti-vaping articles a UK publication, The Guardian, seems almost giddy when reporting that “celebrities are smoking again” and that “culturally, vaping has entered its death phase.” 🤔

READ MORE: Celebrities are smoking again: ‘Things are grungier, edgier, sleazier’

TOBACCO CONTROL // Nicotine  Hysteria

What is the “enormous amount of nicotine in e-cigarettes” they’re so concerned about?


That’s 44 mg/mL in a device that’s intended to last all day — like a pack of cigarettes.

How much nicotine is in a pack of cigarettes? About 200 – 240 mg.

Of course, the article also includes the usual tripe about teen vaping (down over 50%), flavors “hooking” kids, instant “addiction,” and exaggerated health risks, with a token quote from SFATA.

That it originated from mostly anti-vaping Kaiser Health News should surprise no one.

READ MORE: Sales of e-cigs packed with nicotine soar as regulators try to crack down

SAFETY // Nicotine Poisoning

It’s VERY good advice for adults to always keep vaping products out of the reach of kids, but let’s keep some perspective to avoid knee-jerk laws and bans.

For example, in 2021, NPDS had 94,279 calls about kids under 5 yrs exposed to…cleaning supplies or this:

READ MORE: Steady Rise in Vape Product Poisonings Among Kids Under 5

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