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Vape Company Gets 2nd Chance and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Vape company gets second chance against FDA in Fifth Court. Tempe flavor ban stalls with facts and common sense. Taiwan bans all vaping. THR advocate gets black listed. Experts call out bad vaping/COPD studies in review. CASAA Live is back and more!

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Gov. Kathy Hochul has announced that she wants to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products in NY. Flavored vapor products are already banned in NY, so this would further reduce adult access to far less harmful smoking alternatives.

READ MORE: NY State of the State 2023: Hochul eyes cigarette tax hike


A bill introduced by state Rep. Carolyn Jackson seeks to deprive adults over 21 of the flavored vapor products that help them keep from smoking and which could potentially help the 19.4% of adults in the state who still smoke to quit.

READ MORE: Read Text: House Bill 1133


State Senator Jill Duson has filed a bill seeking to ban the sale of flavored tobacco/vapor products statewide. The State Legislature has already begun its session, but the bill has not yet been assigned to a committee.

READ MORE:  Maine Legislator Introduces Bill to Ban Flavored Tobacco Sales Statewide 


The Tempe, AZ flavor ban proposal has run into serious problems: Facts and common sense.

This balanced article by Elias Weiss points out the huge decline in teen vaping/smoking and how the ban would impact adults who depend on the products to quit smoking.

READ MORE:  Tempe Delays Action on Proposed Flavored Nicotine Ban

CALL TO ACTION: Tempe, Arizona – Stop a Flavor ban!

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TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Advocates Face Censorship and Ostracization

“People protecting and hugely enriching the cigarette companies, and adding hugely to the toll of death and disease, not because they are being bought off but because they have never meaningfully intellectually engaged on the issue.” ~ David Sweanor

READ MORE: “Next Time It Could Be You”—The McCarthyism in Tobacco Con

FDA // Second Chance for Triton

“En banc” means ALL judges of the 5th Court will now hear the case, rather than just a smaller panel of judges from the court. Triton will now have the opportunity to introduce information for the court to assess that wasn’t available to the first panel. Reported by CASAA Director Jim McDonald for Vaping360.

READ MORE: Fifth Circuit Grants Triton a Rehearing of MDO Appeal

TOBACCO CONTROL // Follow the Money

“During fiscal year 2023, states will collect some $26.7 billion either through tobacco settlement funds or taxes on tobacco. But in all they’ll spend just 2.7%…on tobacco prevention and cessation programs.” (NOTE: States get ZERO MSA money from vape sales.)

READ MORE:  Spending on tobacco prevention, cessation found lacking

Legislation // Crime & Punishment

Think about “convicted of vaping.” They’re talking about nicotine, a legal substance that doesn’t cause intoxication. So safe it’s sold OTC as gum and lozenges in sweet flavors. With the same repercussions as smoking, alcohol and controlled substances.

READ MORE:  Smith County judge threatens to confiscate cellphones of minors convicted of vaping

AROUND THE WORLD // Taiwan Passes Excessive Vaping Ban

Taiwan has banned both the sale and PERSONAL USE of low risk vapor products, while they have a smoking rate between 16% – 19%. Nearly 7 billion cigarettes were sold in 2021. Ironically, Taiwan’s health minister tried to quit smoking in early 2022, but apparently didn’t succeed. Reported by CASAA Director Jim McDonald for Vaping360.

READ MORE: Taiwan Bans Vape Sales and Personal Use

RESEARCH // Review of Bad Studies of Vaping/COPD Link

Review of clinical studies & surveys claiming link between COPD & vaping uncovers “the poor quality of the existing scientific literature” that inexplicably ignores the “plethora of studies” with “evidence for the harm reduction potential” of vapor and Heat-Not-Burn products.

READ MORE: Health impact of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Current and emerging evidence

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