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Vaping Testimonial #13,509 and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

CASAA vaping testimonial #13,509. CASAA Live discusses AVM’s recent Q&A with FDA’s Brian King. Tobacco Control ignores low youth smoking. Flavor ban backfires for black community in Massachusetts. Supreme Court declines to hear LA flavor ban case. Calls to Action and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Nebraska Vapor Tax

LB 584, a 5c/mL tax on e-liquid scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday, was pulled from the agenda, potentially for changes that may include a 20% wholesale tax which could mean a price increase from the original 5c/mL.

TAKE ACTION: Nebraska – Stop a Vapor Tax

CALL TO ACTION // Maryland Flavor Ban

SB 259 requires low risk, smoke-free alternatives–products used by millions of adults to quit/avoid smoking–to be flavored like tobacco, prohibiting even FDA-authorized flavors.

A hearing was held on Thursday, February 16, 2023 at 1 PM.

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Maryland Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // Hawai’i Vape Tax

HB 537 would subject vapor products to the state’s 70% tobacco tax.

Hawai’ians are encouraged to TAKE ACTION NOW!

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Hawai’i Vape Tax

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Hawai’i Flavor Ban

HB 551 will dangerously take away all non-tobacco flavors (including 0 mg vapes) from legal adults–many who use flavored low risk products to avoid relapsing to smoking!

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Hawai’i Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // Connecticut Flavor Ban

HB 6488 would force adults who have switched to pleasant-tasting, low risk alternatives to smoking to go back to products that taste like tobacco or menthol. This bill already had one hearing on February 1st, 2023.

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Connecticut Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // New Mexico Flavor Ban

HB 94 had a hearing in the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee. If you live in New Mexico, please click the link below and TAKE ACTION NOW!

TAKE ACTION: Stop the New Mexico Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // Oregon Flavor Ban

HB 3090 would ban the sale of nicotine and tobacco products in flavors other than fake “tobacco.” This prohibition would include everything from smoke-free nicotine pouches to vapor products and menthol cigarettes.

TAKE ACTION: Stop the Oregon Flavor Ban

TOBACCO CONTROL // Public Health Not “Helping” Black Community

“With the flavor ban in Massachusetts leading to more cigarette sales in the region and an increase in smoking among black women, it seems clear that menthol prohibitions are ineffective mechanisms for improving public health in the black community.”

READ MORE: Massachusetts menthol ban increased smoking among black women, research finds

LEGAL ACTIONS // Supreme Court Turns Deaf Ear to Flavor Ban Appeal

“The Supreme Court declined without comment to hear the L.A. County appeal—possibly a bad sign for Reynolds’ challenge of the statewide flavor ban approved by California voters last year. “

-Reported by CASAA director Jim McDonald for Vaping360

READ MORE: Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of L.A. County Flavor Ban

ADVOCACY // Take Action In Vape Shops

Did you know CASAA has a Pamphlet & Graphics download page? And (thanks to an excellent suggestion by Michigan vape shop owner Marc Slis) we now offer an eye-catching new “About CASAA” flyer to display at vape shops or wherever else low risk alternatives to smoking are sold!

about casaa pamphlet

FIND OUT MORE: CASAA Pamphlets & Graphics

TOBACCO CONTROL // Where’s the Parade?

“In 2020, a third of the 985 trackable Healthy People objectives were met; the rest improved some, stayed the same or got worse. So what happened with high school smoking?

It plummeted. After passing the goal in 2013 (15.7 percent), teen cigarette use kept on falling. At the ten-year mark, in 2019, it hit 6 percent.

The Healthy People 2030 youth smoking target is 3.4 percent. The newest national figures suggest we’ve already left that number in the dust. The 2022 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) pegged high school cigarette use at an astonishingly low 2.0 percent. That’s even just a puff in the past 30 days, not daily use.”

Also youth tobacco use typically was reported separately–middle school (MS) and high school (HS)–using percentages, but by reporting the 2022 “even one puff in the past 30 days” for vaping rates as a combined “2.55 million” for both middle and high school instead, they’re able to mostly hide the fact that at 3.3% for middle school and 14.2% for high school vaping is still lower than the 5.2% middle school and 17.2% high school smoking rates back in 2009.

READ MORE: Where’s the Parade?

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Fighting Misinformation with Facts

NO “REVERSAL” in the decline of youth tobacco use.

(Now just 3.08 million out of 27.28 million.)

NO sign of “GATEWAY” to teen smoking.

(Now just 1 million out of 27.28 million.)

Teen vaping was a trend, NOT an “EPIDEMIC.”

(Now just 2.55 million out of 27.28 million.)

COMMENTARY // A “Must-Read” Critique of FDA

You might think that since e-cigarettes are so much safer than combustible cigarettes, that the standards for getting authorized by the FDA would be more attainable. You would be wrong. Because that would be a rational approach to public health.”

~Jacob Grier

READ MORE: Who needs the FDA Center for Tobacco Products? 

TESTIMONIAL // Anecdote # 13,509

Donna is a grandmother who quit smoking after 40 years by switching to flavored vaping products. Non-tobacco flavors are now banned in her state, but she won’t be defeated!

What’s YOUR real story? Submit your testimonial today!

SUBMIT YOUR STORY: CASAA Testimonial Project

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This week on CASAA Live, CASAA CEO Alex Clark and Member Coordinator Kristin Noll-Marsh discuss what Brian King, the new Director of FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, said (and DIDN’T say) about vaping during the Q&A he had on February 24, 2023 with Greg Conley and Allison Boughner of American Vapor Manufacturers.

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