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A New Vaping Prohibition Era and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

A new vaping Prohibition Era? Calls to Action for Colorado, Rhode Island, Maine and Hawai’i. Research on snus in Norway, and indigenous youth vaping in Canada. Highly biased vaping research review from Australian government and more!

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CALL TO ACTION //  Colorado

After imposing a 30% tax on low risk vapor products (set to rise to 62% by 2027) to help fund universal childcare, lawmakers are now irrationally trying to ban the vast majority of the products they wanted to tax.

TAKE ACTION: Colorado – Stop a Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // Brunswick, Maine

This FLAVOR BAN ordinance is likely to be scheduled for consideration (possible vote) at the next regular council meeting on Monday, April 18th! Tell your city lawmakers why you think this is a HORRIBLE idea!

TAKE ACTION: Brunswick, Maine – Stop a Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // Rhode Island

Four bills that would BAN the sale of flavored vapor products (H7805, H7869, H7870, and H7871) had a public hearing on Tuesday, April 5 in the H. Health and Human Services Committee. At the beginning of the hearing the Chairman stated that all bills would be “held for further study.” This legislation is expected to be heard in the Senate Committee sometime soon.

TAKE ACTION: Rhode Island – Stop Flavor Ban Bills!

On April 7th the Senate Consumer Protection (CPN) and Ways and Means (WAM) committees held a “public decision making” (a vote) for HB 1570 (a flavor ban) and ultimately passed the bill. Tell your Senators to vote “NO” on HB 1570!

RESEARCH // Pre-determined Conclusions

Review authors use trickery–such as referring to THC vapes as “e-cigarettes”–biased assumptions (gateway) and misleading exaggerations (poisonings, seizures) to get to their obviously predetermined conclusions.

READ MORE: Vaping causes harm and addiction in ‘new generation’ of users, major report warns

READ EXPERT REBUTTAL: Flawed report on vaping will harm public health

RESEARCH // A False Premise

Researchers base their study on the false premise that youth are “primary target” for vapor products, so ignore the obvious harm reduction potential despite the fact that the smoking rate of Indigenous youth was previously 3X higher than their non-Aboriginal peers.

READ MORE: Factors that influence the decision to vape among Indigenous youth

RESEARCH // Snus Reduces Smoking

In Norway, researchers find safe snus tobacco pouches to be the product most strongly associated with successful smoking cessation–both planned and unplanned (ie. “accidental”) quitting. NRT was most associated with failed quit attempts.

READ MORE: Smoking cessation aids and strategies: a population-based survey of former and current smokers in Norway

TESTIMONIAL // Anecdote #13,446
Brian quit smoking after 33 years with vaping. He says he considers his health improvements “dramatic and miraculous.”

What’s YOUR real story? Submit your testimonial today!


COMMENTARY// Welcome to the Nicotine Prohibition Era

Regulators have long targeted tobacco products, but there’s new energy behind outright bans on vapes and cigarettes.

There is a real risk that American tobacco policy will open a regressive new front in the war on drugs, just as the previous crackdown on psychoactive substances begins to wind down.”

~Jacob Grier

READ MORE: Welcome to the Nicotine Prohibition Era


“For all the frequent talk of an unregulated and irresponsible industry, the precision is striking…all this technology and meticulous handling as consumer protection for the former smokers who use its products. None of it, however, is technically required.”

READ MORE: The Vape Company at the Center of the FDA Storm

FDA // Surprise Decision Against Major Vape Company

This MDO means that some tobacco-flavored vapes don’t “demonstrate that the potential benefit to smokers who switch completely or significantly reduce their cigarette use would outweigh the risk to youth” when other tobacco-flavored vapes do? Again, FDA fails to define any real “risk to youth.”

The FDA clearly KNOWS that the benefits to 30+ MILLION adults switching to ANY vapor product are SIGNIFICANT risk reduction for cancer, stroke, heart disease & COPD, outweighing risk to fewer 1 million frequent youth users of “possible” nicotine dependency…but WITHOUT the risks associated with smoking.

READ MORE: FDA Issues Marketing Denial Orders to Fontem US for myblu Products


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