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Call to Action, Vaping Junk Science & More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Call to Action for Elk Grove, California. Vaping junk science. Heads up Indiana and Connecticut. Harm reduction fails in Massachusetts and Vietnam. Are cancer rates are down because of vaping?

CALL TO ACTION // Elk Grove, California

City Council is considering an ordinance that would ban the sale of flavored tobacco and nicotine products. A remote public hearing is on 1/13 @ 6 PM! Talking points provided to help you prepare your comments! Join and follow CASAA for Call to Action updates!

casaa cta flavor ban

TAKE ACTION: Stop a Flavor Ban in Elk Grove, California!

DO MORE: If you live in California, join the CASAA California Facebook Group

HEADS UP // Indiana Flavor Ban

If passed, Senate Bill 45 would ban the manufacture, distribution or marketing of flavored e-liquid in Indiana. Join and follow CASAA for Call to Action updates!

READ MORE: State Senate bill aims to ban flavored vape juice in Indiana

DO MORE: If you live in Indiana, join the CASAA Indiana Facebook Group

HEADS UP // Connecticut Anti-Vaping Bills

General Assembly anti-vaping bills, including a ban on the sale of all nicotine products in pharmacies, e-cigarette sales within five miles of schools and Gov. Lamont’s flavor ban! Join and follow CASAA for Call to Action updates!!

READ MORE: Lawmakers push to limit vaping products, ban flavors

DO MORE: If you live in Connecticut, join the CASAA Connecticut Facebook Group


“While on the campaign trail, president-elect Biden committed to following the science, so the important thing is that the Biden/Harris administration knows which science to pay attention to.”

– Alex Clark, CEO of CASAA

READ MORE: Tobacco Harm Reduction’s Prospects Under the Biden Administration

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Heat-Not-Burn Approval May Help Vaping

“FDA has been satisfied with the evidence for developing modified risk products like the IQOS system, which could bode well for other products like e-cigarettes…”

READ MORE: What The IQOS 3 Device Approval Means For Tobacco Harm Reduction

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Massachusetts’ Harm Reduction Fail

State’s flavor ban not only fails to reduce smoking (many just switched to non-menthol,) but state loses $62 million in tax revenue. Vapers also cross the borders to buy or went back to smoking.

Bans. Don’t. Work.

READ MORE: New Report Confirms Bay State Smoking Ban Pays Off Big For New Hampshire

PUBLIC HEALTH // Cancer Rates Drop

A record drop in cancer is being largely attributed to less smoking, which correlates with increased vaping. What happens when adults return to smoking because they can’t order online or get the flavors or nicotine strengths they need? Vaping is saving lives!

READ MORE: US cancer rates drop record amount, impact of COVID uncertain


In a country where 18.2 – 22.5% of adults smoke, public health proposes banning the 95% safer products. The government owns 55% of the cigarette market. Just as in the US, tobacco revenue appears to be more important than public health!

READ MORE: Vietnam Plans to Ban Sales of Vaping Products

RESEARCH // Junk Science About Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin

Researchers illogically claim two ingredients that are “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA for use in food and medicines (PG & VG) somehow “may” cause leaky gut/chronic inflammation…but apparently only if you vape them. Happily adding to the misinformation campaign, the media falsely reports the findings as though they are conclusive.

READ MORE: Chronic gut inflammation triggered by e-cigarette use

RESEARCH // Junk Science About “Gateway Effect”

Researchers continue ignoring 10+ years of real world data showing increased youth vaping has not led to increased smoking in youth, young adults or adults. Instead, there’s been record low smoking rates for all age groups!

Case in Point: A study recently published in JAMA Network Open found that “youth cigarette and smokeless tobacco use has been declining over the past few decades. This decline has accelerated since the introduction of electronic cigarettes.”

READ MORE: Youth vaping threatens to wipe out gains in cigarette use, health experts warn

READ MORE: Youth are Using Fewer Cigarette and Smokeless Tobacco Products in Recent Decades