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Calls to Action, Public Health Bias & More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Calls to Action for Maryland, Kansas and North Dakota. Vaping research should weigh different risks. Heads up Arizona and Mississippi. Outrage over COVID vaccine priority. Commentaries on vape bans from Inside Sources and Citizens Against Government Waste. Considering vaping alternatives.

CALL TO ACTION // Maryland

SB 273, a flavor ban, online sales ban & more–what local vaping advocates are calling a “nuclear option”–is scheduled for a tightly controlled “public” hearing Jan. 28th @ 1PM. Take action and contact your lawmakers NOW! Join and follow CASAA for Call to Action updates!

casaa cta flavor ban


TAKE ACTION: Stop a Flavor Ban – No on SB 273!

DO MORE: If you live in Maryland, join the CASAA Maryland Facebook Group

CALL TO ACTION // North Dakota

There is a hearing scheduled for SB 2189, a 28% VAPE TAX that DISCOURAGES adults from quitting smoking, is scheduled TOMORROW @ 9:30 AM! CASAA even provides talking points, so TAKE ACTION NOW and submit your written testimony BEFORE 8:30 AM! Join and follow CASAA for Call to Action updates!

TAKE ACTION: Stop a Vape Tax- No on SB 2189!

DO MORE: If you live in North Dakota, join the CASAA North Dakota Facebook Group


HB 2061 would ban flavors and prohibit public vaping–even in private businesses that currently allow people to vape! Now is the time for Kansas advocates to make contact with lawmakers and urge them to oppose HB 2061! Join and follow CASAA for Call to Action updates!

casaa cta flavor ban

TAKE ACTION: Stop a Flavor Ban – No on HB 2061!

DO MORE: If you live in Kansas, join the CASAA Kansas Facebook Group

HEADS UP // Phoenix, Arizona Flavor Ban

City considering a FLAVOR BAN & they haven’t heard from CONSUMERS as to why this is BAD FOR PUBLIC HEALTH! Let @CityofPhoenixAZ know why opposition isn’t “just businesses worried about lost profits.” Join and follow CASAA for Call to Action updates!!

READ MORE: Phoenix Weighs Enforcement, State Legislation In Flavored Tobacco Ban Debate

DO MORE: If you live in Arizona, join the CASAA Arizona Facebook Group

HEADS UP // Mississippi Vape Tax

SB 2182 not only makes harm reduction products more expensive with a 15% wholesale tax, but also redefines “tobacco product” to include #vaping products that don’t contain tobacco OR nicotine! (Bill link in article, see line 167.) Join and follow CASAA for Call to Action updates!!

READ MORE: Bill of the Day: Vaping could receive increased tobacco tax

DO MORE: If you live in Mississippi, join the CASAA Mississippi Facebook Group

RESEARCH // Weighing the Risks

Studying the physical impact of vaping is important, but it’s also important to weigh those risks against the impact of continuing to SMOKE and also consider the psychological BENEFITS of nicotine vs other common forms of “self-medication.” In the absence of safer nicotine, will those consumers switch to more harmful drugs, alcohol or pharmaceutical treatments that carry their own physical risks?

READ MORE: Do vaping and e-cigarettes hurt your health? These Tri-Cities researchers look for answers


It’s not the nicotine, it’s not even the tobacco–it’s the SMOKE. Eliminate the smoke, eliminate 99% of the health risks. There are dozens of safer tobacco and non-tobacco alternatives to consider if you cannot or will not vape.

READ MORE: With its non-tobacco Zyn product, Swedish Match is a leader in a growing category of alternative nicotine products


Outrage over “smokers” getting COVID vaccine completely ignores the fact that smoking/vaping is most prevalent in lower income workers – the HERO essential workers making, delivering & selling the food, supplies & fuel EVERYONE needs.

READ MORE: N.J. Governor Calls Criticism That Smokers Are Being Vaccinated Over Others a ‘False Narrative’

COMMENTARY // Lindsey Stroud, Inside Sources

Researchers illogically claim two ingredients that are “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA for use in food and medicines (PG & VG) somehow “may” cause leaky gut/chronic inflammation…but apparently only if you vape them. Happily adding to the misinformation campaign, the media falsely reports the findings as though they are conclusive.

READ MORE: New Year, New Regulations, and Big Government’s Attempts to Block Tobacco Harm Reduction

COMMENTARY // Elizabeth Wright, Citizens Against Government Waste

“The best way to stop youth from utilizing cigarettes or any tobacco product is parental oversight and continued education on the harm they can cause. Banning flavors and taxing tobacco harm reduction products just shift sales to the black market and hurts people who want to use less harmful tobacco products to stop smoking. States should not follow Massachusetts’ unsuccessful ban on flavored tobacco products.”

READ MORE: Massachusetts Tobacco Flavor Ban Simply Shifted Markets

UPDATE // South Fulton, Georgia

City has passed the ban on smoking/vaping in public, including in private businesses that currently welcome low risk vaping, because of the alleged risks of second-hand smoke. Except vapor is NOT smoke and vaping saves lives!

READ MORE: City of South Fulton bans smoking, vaping in public places