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Vaping Mail Ban Official, Exposing Media Bias & More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

President signs omnibus that makes vape U.S. mail ban official. Exposing anti-vaping bias in media reporting. Take the poll: Massachusetts flavor ban. Oregon’s 65% vape tax kicks in. FDA charges huge fee for making hand sanitizer during shortage. Don’t forget to take the 2020 vaping consumer survey!

RESEARCH // 2020 Vaping Consumer Survey

Have you taken the annual eCigIntelligence survey? Help us collect real evidence to be used to educate policymakers on why vaping products MUST to remain affordable, appealing (flavors) and easily accessible for adult consumers!

TAKE THE SURVEY:  2020 eCigIntelligence Consumer Survey

VIEW THE 2019 SURVEY CHARTS:  2019 eCigIntelligence Consumer Survey Charts

U.S. NATIONAL POLICY // “Vape Mail Ban” Signed

President Trump has signed the 2021 omnibus bill, INCLUDING the “Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act” (ie “Vape Mail Ban.”) Oh, the irony of a government tax-spending bill killing tax-generating businesses AND greatly risking the health of its adult citizens by making much safer nicotine products more difficult to purchase than deadly cigarettes during a pandemic!

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POLL // Should Massachusetts lift its ban on flavored tobacco/vapor products?

Yes! Law was disingenuously “justified” using EVALI, which had nothing to do with nicotine vape flavors, and fictional “teen epidemic,” ignored fact that under 21 can’t even purchase!

READ MORE: Read two views and vote in the online poll.

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RESEARCH // Exposing Media Anti-Vaping Bias

Headline claims “Vaping Found to Cause Mental Fog,” except article admits it’s just as likely “that persons who experience mental fog are more prone to [smoke] or vape, perhaps self-medicate.” Clearly, the researchers did NOT find vaping to “cause” brain fog in people of ANY age and this is a “chicken or egg” scenario of not knowing which came first.

Additionally, the article claims “Nicotine intake by vaping likely induces trouble with mental control,” yet researchers are testing nicotine as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and other neurological conditions.

READ MORE: Vaping Found to Cause Mental Fog Even in Young Teens

HEADS UP // Oregon Update

Lawmakers raised cigarette taxes to reduce smoking and “save lives,” then, unbelievably, make the products that have been helping millions of adults actually quit smoking much less affordable. The 65% wholesale tax starts on January 1st.

READ MORE: Oregon’s voter-approved cigarette tax hike, new e-cigarette tax begin Friday

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HEADS UP // FDA Hand Sanitizer Fee

Vape manufacturers registered with FDA as a monograph drug facility to make hand sanitizer for pandemic may also get the $14,060 bill from FDA (due Feb. 11) even if they donated most or all of product. Must UN-register by Jan. 1 to avoid owing additional $14,060!

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